Dennie Kids: October 24, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  •  Everyone sleeping in until after 7:30 and then making a few blueberry muffins for breakfast-it was just a small package-Graham had 2, Anderson had 1 and 1/2, Reagan had 1 and that only left 1 and 1/2 for Mom
  • Playing around the house this morning in our pajamas and watching Mom and Dad clean all kinds of stuff
  • Putting on our clothes and heading out to watch our first real football game
  • A quick bite to eat at Taco Bell before meeting Carter and Millie at Ouachita
  • Jumping on the jumpy things-Graham loved it and thought he could do anything Reagan and Anderson could do
  • Watching the Tigers beat some other team-Anderson sat by Carter and just stared at the game, Reagan and Millie ran and played, Graham enjoyed walking up and down the hill and everyone enjoyed running around outside during the game-Anderson and Dad did end up a little sunburned though
  • Coming home and picking up supper at the store-Mom and Dad said they needed toilet paper but they  forgot to buy some!...and we were good so they can't even blame us as a distraction
  • Lasagna for supper-it cooked while Reagan and Anderson swang very high outside
  • Clean sheets and peaceful dream for 3 very tired kids tonight

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