Dennie Kids: October 29, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • What a long night last night was for Anderson (and Mom and Dad).  He started coughing when he laid down and coughed until he threw up.  Mom wasn't going to give him a bath since he wasn't that messy but he climbed in the tub before she could protest
  • Anderson laying back down in Graham's room but Mom and Dad moved him to their room so his coughing wouldn't wake Graham up.  Next Mom tried to give him some cough syrup-but he didn't like it so he threw that up.  Dad headed to Anderson's bed and Anderson and Mom finally slept for a little bit last night.  A little cough during the day but it is much worse at night!
  • Mom drives everyone to school and just one time has she missed the turn to get on 430 instead of staying on 630 so now the whole back seat screams "turn, turn, turn" until she turns onto 430-that is just what she needs on a nasty rainy day!
  • A big day at school-people came and talked to Reagan and Anderson's classes about the Toltec Mounds and even gave them arrowheads and pencils.  Reagan said they talked about Indians and animals.  Anderson knew they talked about bears.
  • Anderson's teacher calling Mom because he was coughing alot during nap so Mom picked up everyone early which worked out well since she had to pack up once we got home to go again
  • Everyone putting on their Halloween costumes for Dad's work party-balloons, candy, popcorn, candy, tattoos, games and lots more candy.  The kids had a blast but enjoyed pushing the elevator buttons just as much
  • Next stop was the party at the Nutrition Center-they colored, danced, made a skeleton and played on the slides.  Not so much candy here-carrots, cheerios, celery with peanut butter, apples, cheese and milk-hey, it was the nutrition center!  Oh, they did get one piece of candy there!
  • Following Dad to McDonalds for a quick bite to eat and then shopping at Krogers during their Halloween party-cupcakes, apples, games and lots more candy
  • A few minutes to play while Mom and Dad unloaded the car before heading to bed-2 are sleeping and Anderson is going strong!
  • Last night while watching baseball, he saw they had on helmets so he grabbed his pumpkin bucket for his helmet and started pitching (complete with throwing his leg in the air to pitch the ball) to Dad.  The ball was a sock but by the end of the game, Dad was wearing a Halloween bucket helmet too.

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