Dennie Kids: October 6, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Another day at school-but not for Graham. He was acting pitiful this morning so he packed up and headed off to Nonna's house
  • Reagan loving watching the popcorn pop and eating it today
  • Anderson enjoying playing "follow the leader"
  • Apparently, there was a tornado drill at school today. Reagan saw Anderson and put her hand on his knee so he wouldn't be scared
  • Ms. Amy telling Mom that Reagan was the first one asleep today but Reagan telling Mom that since she forgot her taggie she didn't go to sleep at all (who to believe?)
  • Graham having a big time at Nonna's house-he didn't act sick at all (hmm, is he playing us?)
  • Everyone playing with Nonna and Pops this afternoon during the rain
  • Reagan and Nonna playing school and when Reagan (the mom) left Nonna (the teacher), Reagan shouted to her "e-mail me"
  • A late nap for Graham while Reagan and Anderson played and Mom unloaded her groceries (plus 5 gallons of milk-which won't even last a week!)
  • Dad bringing home supper and more playing all evening
  • Reagan and Anderson helping Mom bake a few pies-hope they are decent but at least the baking will kill the germs since there was lots of finger licking going on
  • Graham going to bed early while Reagan and Anderson watched one last movie
  • Yesterday, Anderson asked why we couldn't go and see Grannymom and Mom replied that she still didn't feel good and she didn't want us to get sick either. Reagan told him that meant that Grannymom couldn't play with us. So Anderson said, "let's go play with Grandpa"

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