Dennie Kids: October 5, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Mom planning a lazy day so everyone could recover but it was quite busy
  • Mom closing the kitchen this morning until lunch time since no one finished their breakfast and no one could believe that they couldn't have any snacks or milk til lunch
  • Reagan watching movies most of the morning long-she has figured out to turn on the tv all by herself
  • Everyone playing in the garage while Mom worked on the her garage sale stuff
  • An early morning nap for Graham and then an early lunch when Dad came home for a few minutes
  • Playing with Mom until naptime and Reagan had to go to bed early because of her "ugly attitude"-which has been occurring more frequently
  • No nap for Anderson: he sang in his bed for an hour and half, a short nap for Reagan and an even shorter nap for Graham
  • A few more movies and playing until Dad came home
  • Celebrating Dad's birthday again at Kennedy and Camryn's house and playing with ALL of their toys

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