Dennie Kids: October 30, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  •  A lazy morning around the house-Mom was the only one not in her pajamas this morning
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham playing together happily all morning long-except for a few fights but that quickly ended when Mom mentioned that fussy boys and girls didn't get to go ride the rides tonight
  • A nap for Graham while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie and while Mom worked on her 3 page list (it was 4 so she is doing good)
  • Chocolate milk and cheese sticks for lunch (thanks Nutrition Center)
  • Graham saying lots of new words today-he will soon be talking up a storm (when he can get an word in)
  • Early afternoon naps while Dad came home and Mom ran to Target
  • Waking up to get dressed for GSFest-and we had a blast
  • Reagan was so proud that she had prayed for no rain and that God sent no rain!
  • We rode the motorcycles, cars, train, bouncy slide, bumpy slide and the pony ride.  We also saw 2 firetrucks and a police car, played basketball and played on the playground and more bouncys.  Anderson's favorite was the motorcycles and Reagan's favorite was the slides.  Graham's favorite was probably Mom's funnel cake.  
  • Dad staying to work while Mom brought home 1 tired child (Graham-never woke up even though Mom had to change his clothes), 1 hungry child (Anderson-wanted to eat all of his candy) and 1 wide awake child (Reagan-who is now sleeping soundly even though Anderson is singing away)

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