Dennie Kids: October 23, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Another early morning for Graham; he was up at 6:00 but with a bottle in bed he stayed there until 8:00
  • Anderson and Reagan up at 7:15 so Dad decided to crawl in Anderson's bed
  • Saying bye to Dad and then going to Nonna's in our pajamas!  Mom had to go to work for a little while so we all got to stay and play at Nonna's.  Mom said she was going to "Benton" and Reagan asked sadly "are you going on a trip?"
  • Playing with a porcelain doll that has a sad face, happy face and sleeping face (it was Mom's doll).  When we left, Reagan told Nonna to turn the doll to a sad face and leave it that way until Reagan came back-because the doll would be sad while Reagan was gone
  • Coming home and eating lunch with Dad
  • Afternoon naps, trying on Mom's Halloween costume she's wearing to Bunko and then a snack and movie
  • Waiting for Dad to get home - and then we got to go to McDonald's while Mom went to Bunko (she went with us for a little while)
  • Everyone wearing and playing in their house shoes; then Graham went to bed and Reagan and Anderson stayed up to watch Dinosaur Train

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