November 12, 2009: Branson

(Click here for pictures) The kids all woke up in a good mood and were ready to head out this morning.  After breakfast and loading a few things in the car, we headed out to Branson.  Robby and I haven't been to Branson in many years and were only toddlers during our last trip to Silver Dollar City.  The Dennies and Jason followed us on our way.  We made it all the way to Conway before our first stop: chick-fil-a.  The kids enjoyed a few slides before climbing back in the car.  We chugged along and didn't stop again until Harrison.  The kids watched a few movies and everyone had a nap or two.

We arrived in Branson a little after noon and met the Brocks at Mel's Hard Luck Diner.  The line was crazy long when we arrived.  However, within 20 minutes we were all seated.  Jason ended up alone at a table with Reagan and Anderson. They did great-maybe because they were starving and couldn't keep their eyes off of the waiters and waitresses walking around singing.  Graham loved watching the singers and would grin at them.

After lunch and a few pictures in the large rocking chair, we walked around the Tanger Outlets for awhile.  The Brocks came up last night and had already been shopping, so they entertained Reagan and Anderson with lots of rides-so many in fact, that Pops had to take out a loan!  Next was a quick stop by Walmart to buy some milk and bananas for breakfast.  We drove to our house, a beautiful log cabin with a great view.  After figuring out who would sleep where (yes, Graham is in a closet) we unloaded and regrouped.

We are only about 15 miles from Silver Dollar City and were quite surprised by the many, many cars in the parking lot.  After searching for a parking spot, we caught the tram to the park.  We must have been arriving as something was ending because many, many people were headed out while we were fighting the crowds to head in.  The lights were beautiful.  Reagan said "this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen."

Our first stop was the train; the line was long but not nuts.  We boarded the train and poor Graham was terrified of the loud tooting.  He would jump everytime-it was a good thing Mom had some candy in her pocket.  He finally tried to close his eyes and go to sleep on the train-he was quite pitiful.  The ride was neat and even told the Christmas story.  Afterwards, Reagan and Andersonw were able to ride the kiddie rollar coaster with Dad.  No one else would go with them (Mom can't) so Dad rode it twice.  First with Anderson, who had the time of his life and came off telling everyone that it was so fun.  Then Dad rode with Reagan who had a blast as well.  Next Mom and Dad rode Dumbo-poor Graham is just too small for any rides so far!  He was entertained waving at us though.

We were getting a little hungry and cold so we started looking for a place to grab a bite to eat.  Since no one ha been to Silver Dollar City in years, we weren't too good at finding our way around.  We did manage to find a bakery-the kids had a cookie, Mom had a cinnamon roll and hot chocolate and Dad had a calzone.  It hit the spot.  The next stop was the bus stop to head back to our parking lot.  Graham was again terrified of the bus but made it through.

Before long we were back at the house, the kids played until Graham went to bed.  Then Reagan and Anderson played foosball downstairs until 10.  They are sleeping now and are just as worn out as we are.  Tomorrow is more Silver Dollar City and who knows what else we will find to do!

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