Dennie Kids; November 9, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan and Anderson playing with their nativity set this morning.  They had all of the people in a straight line.  They were lining up to see baby Jesus.  And of course, Anderson had "buggy parking" and Reagan was "selling tickets"
  • Later on, we overheard Reagan trying to decide if a sheep was a momma sheep or a daddy sheep.  She eventually decided "it must be a daddy, because daddy's don't have any hair."
  • Eating breakfast at Grannymom's house-Mom gave us a choice about where to eat and we were tired of bananas 
  • Playing all morning at Grannymoms while Mom was at work
  • Anderson not picking up toys at Grannymoms so Reagan and Grannymom were still working when Mom came to pick everyone up.  They were trying to pick up before going outside.  Reagan became upset when she saw Mom and fussed "Now, look Grannymom, we don't get to go outside because Anderson has fooled around and not picked up" (wonder if she had heard that anywhere before?)-Mom let them stay and play outside before heading home
  • Afternoon naps-they boys slept longer than Reagan.  Then a little snack and movie.
  • Going back outside most of the afternoon long and running races until Dad came home
  • Leftovers for supper and then lots of playing (and getting into trouble)
  • Anderson asking Mom, while patting her tummy "When your baby come out?" Mom replied after your birthday and he said "He play football with me?"

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