Dennie Kids: November 4, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Another early morning-we just have gotten the time change figured out
  • Clothes on, breakfast and we almost thought it was a school morning-but it was for Mom (she had to work today)
  • Nonna coming over to play with us this morning-we played dolls, worked puzzles, ate lots of lunch and had tons of fun
  • Mom coming home and Reagan and Anderson greeting her at the gate apologizing-Nonna said they were good so Mom isn't sure what they thought they had done
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-even Mom (she didn't even stir for the UPS man) and she was thankful that no one else did either!
  • A quick game of Go Fish for Reagan and Mom before getting ready for church
  • Delivering Grandpa's cookies and taking our food that we bought at the grocery store on Monday to church
  • The big excitement tonight for Reagan and Anderson was seeing Mom talk to the puppets in Cubbies.  Anderson and Reagan had the biggest smiles when they came in and saw her.  (Shhh, don't tell anyone but Dad was one of the puppets-a strange sounding puppet!)
  • Home and to bed because school is in the morning

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