Dennie Kids: November 10, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A school morning so that means baths for everyone
  • Graham fussing for only a few seconds when Mom dropped him off and Anderson pretending like he couldn't find his classroom
  • A good day at school and then cookies in the car (Mom is bribing us to stop calling her and Dad upstairs at night time-if we call less than 4 we get a cookie the next day...but now Mom is out of cookies!)
  • Another snack and then playing outside until Dad came home-Mom was inside stirring the chili while Anderson started screaming for her.  He had to go potty and had forgotten how to get down from the tree house.  Anyway, Mom let him water the trees and that was the highlight of his afternoon
  • Yesterday, Mom had told Dad that Graham was easy outside and you didn't have to watch him much anymore.  Ha! Now, today he has learned to climb the ladder to get into the tree house.  Then he slides down-even on his tummy just like his brother!  Now, Mom can never sit down-he can also climb on top of the kitchen table.  And he made it to the top of the stairs once today before being discovered
  • Reagan raking leaves in the front yard while Anderson stood by the street and pretended to be a police officer and directed traffic.  While Graham kept trying to run into the street and when he starts running down our front hill, he can't stop!
  • Leftover chili with Grandpa-Dad had told everyone to behave and they were perfect little angels
  • Playing for awhile and then watching a movie or two before bedtime while Mom tried to pack up a few things
  • Dad mentioning that Reagan and Anderson must have been tired tonight and in a few seconds they called us up there.  Reagan wanted Mom to make her blanket into a cape and Anderson was sitting reading 100s of books in his bed

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