Dennie Kids: November 25, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A semi-lazy morning around the house: lots of playing and lots of cleaning going on
  • Everyone working hard on their turkeys.  Graham would just look at Mom like she was crazy while she tried to trace his hands
  • Anderson picking up his toys extremely well this morning-Mom and him had a few battles about picking up in the last few weeks so Mom was shocked
  • A morning nap for Graham-Mom tried to keep him up but all he wanted to do was sit and stand on top of the kitchen table!
  • Lunch and then more work on our turkeys.  Anderson glued for a few minutes so Reagan finished both boys' turkeys
  • Reagan and Anderson helping Mom go through more baby clothes.  We found a bow for the girl to wear home from the hospital and we also found Anderson's coming home clothes for the boy to wear home
  • Short afternoon naps for everyone since we had Graham's 15 month check up this afternoon
  • Dad getting to meet us at the doctor's office since there was a possibility that everyone might get shots!
  • H1N1 shots for Reagan and Anderson and that one plus 3 other shots for Graham.  Reagan did better than she did at her 4 year old shots though she was near hysterics and Anderson cried just when he got his shot but Mom had the juice boxes ready.  Dad held them down and Mom shoved the juice boxes in their mouths when they sat up
  • Graham did well with his shots-his juice calmed him down too.  He weighed 29 pounds and was 32 inches tall.  Poor baby has had a runny nose and a little cough but also has 2 ear infections.  She said they actually looked pretty bad and we have to come back for a recheck
  • After a total of 6 shots for 3 kids-ice cream was in order for everyone.  We picked up Graham's medicine, a few gallons of milk, looked at the toys and had supper and ice cream at Sams.  Anderson ate his whole cup of ice cream
  • The highlight on the way home was watching Dad put air in one of the tires (getting ready for our big trip tomorrow)
  • Graham getting some tylenol and going to bed a little early while Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies
  • After going to bed, Mom and Dad heard Anderson begging Reagan to come and sleep with him.  He kept saying "I need you, Reagan, I need you."  She told him that she couldn't come down or she would get into big trouble.  But after 3 trips to the bathroom things have quietened down up there

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