Dennie Kids: November 28, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham waking up around 6:30 this morning-he played with Dad and then came back to bed with Mom and Dad
  • Anderson and Reagan sleeping in a little bit and enjoying a lazy Saturday
  • Taking Graham's 16 month old pictures
  • Reagan never put her clothes on but the boys were quick to put on the Razorback attire
  • Mom running errands the morning while Graham took a nap and everyone else played
  • Lunch and then more playing-Reagan and Anderson played together so well today and when they are playing well then Graham plays happily right beside them
  • Naps and then waking up to hang out on the back deck while Dad does something on the roof
  • Walking out front and everyone was so excited to see "that someone had decorated our house"
  • Reagan wanted to see our house in the nighttime so the kids road with Mom to grab some supper-Taco Bell
  • Supper and then watching some of the Hog game with Dad

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