November 13, 2009: Branson

(Click here for pictures)  It was an early morning for the Dennie crew.  Graham was up before anyone else in the house and some milk didn't help him at all.  Anderson stirred next but was able to convince Mom to let him sit downstairs with Grannymom, Grandpa and Pops while they had their coffee.  Reagan, our very best sleeper, slept for a while longer while Mom and Dad tried to get a few more minutes of sleep.  We had breakfast and then snacked most of the morning long before eating lunch at Danna's BBQ.  The BBQ was great and our stomachs were full before heading back into Silver Dollar City.
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The traffic into Silver Dollar City wasn't crazy and we even ended up in the first parking lot.  We quickly caught the shuttle and were in the park before it opened this afternoon.  Soon the gates were opened and we headed right to the kiddie section where we left off last night.  Graham LOVED the bug ride-along with Reagan and Anderson.  Next were the ladybugs and frogs a few along with the bugs a few more times.  Robby was able to take Reagan and then Anderson on the swings.  Anderson had a huge smile on his face during the swings.  One last ride on the roller coaster and the next stop was the Frosty show.  The kids had a blast and thouroughly enjoyed getting to sit on the stage and have the "snow" fall on them.  Anderson came off of the stage and said "that was so much fun."  We asked Reagan about the snow and she said "well, it was just bubbles."  Then we headed to an area with balls and slides for the kids.  The Dennie's went to a show while Reagan and Dad rode another ride (poor Anderson wasn't tall enough but some coke made him feel a little less disappointed).  We saw Santa-Anderson asked for the first thing he saw, a car.  Reagan asked for a middle sized pink and purple striped dress to go on her pink bear.  And Graham screamed his little head off the entire time Santa was touching him.  A big cookie made him and everyone else feel a little bit better.  Next was the Fire in the Hole ride-Pops was brave and rode with Dad, Reagan and Anderson.  Reagan loved this ride and even had to go again with Dad.

While Reagan and Dad rode the Fire in the Hole ride again.  The boys and Mom rode the bugs again and then Reagan met us to ride on the frogs one last time.  We watched the Living Nativty but Graham had to leave, Anderson fell asleep and Reagan was only interested in the candy that Mom was doling out to keep Graham quite.  The walk back to the car was beautiful: it was still light and the Christmas lights were coming on.  The crew was quite tired so we stopped and picked up pizza for supper.

While the pizza was cooking, the kids took baths and then we all sat around the table to eat our supper.  The kids played with the grandparents until bedtime: Graham fell asleep after a few cups of milk, Reagan went right to sleep and Anderson had to come say "goodnight to all of my friends" a few times before going to bed.  And then he needed Pops and Grannymom to hold him. 

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