Dennie Kids: November 17, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School day around here-Graham woke up first, then Reagan and Anderson and then Mom!
  • Dad getting everyone ready and breakfast this morning since Mom was moving slow 
  • Seeing 4 buses, a crane and 2 dump trucks on the way to school.  Graham helps us find buses too now by pointing and grunting at them.  Mom and Dad leave at the same time and Anderson gets very upset if Dad gets too far ahead of us-so Mom has to speed to catch up with him
  • Graham reaching for Ms. Clarice this morning but still wasn't happy with it, Anderson telling his teacher that he was thankful for "trucks" and then he did add his family.  Also, Anderson wore his big boy underwear all day today at school
  • Reagan's teacher asked where she was on Thursday and Reagan replied that we had gone to "California".  Ms. Amy asked if we flew and Reagan said no.  So Reagan's teacher guessed that we had drove for 3 days, spent a day there and drove home for 3 more days.  Mom was just glad that Reagan talked to her teacher today!
  • A quick trip to Bed Bath and Beyond on the way home and then unloading a van full of stuff-bags, coats, lunch boxes, mail, Christmas presents-it takes Mom almost an hour to unpack from the day!
  • A nap for Graham while Reagan and Anderson worked on preparing our movie night!
  • Dennie Family Movie Night was tonight.  We had a sign listing the prices of the tickets, nachos, popcorn, drinks and candy.  They kids wore concession stand hats and Rob pulled out the projector to show a huge Mickey Mouse movie on the wall.  We had practiced selling and buying tickets and food all afternoon and they were wired when Dad finally came home.  Reagan was all into it and worried about using the right money and doing everything right.  Anderson could have cared less but did get excited about buying his own food.  
  • When it was time to open the concession stand, the rush all hit at once but Reagan managed fine!  Reagan and Anderson shared a blanket and didn't move throughout the movie except to get more food-nachos, popcorn, coke and lots and lots of candy (Mom made sure everyone had plenty of money for candy).  Graham sat in his seat for an hour eating watching the movie-some parts may have been scary for him since he covered his eyes (actually playing peek a boo with Mom).  
  • After the movie it was late and the crowd headed home to bed!

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