Dennie Kids: November 21, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad and Mom trying to sleep more in Anderson's bed while we were all laying in their bed drinking our milk and watching a movie
  • A crazy morning full of errands-we even made it to Jacksonville during our errands (don't ask, Mom and Dad are crazy).  The car pictures are of the kids when Dad turned on the football game and turned off their movie-they aren't Hog fans yet!
  • Lunch at On the Border and then looking at all of the toys at Sam's-Mom found one that she wants for us!
  • A little more shopping at Walmart and running into Aunt Dana (Reagan and Anderson didn't speak) and leaving the store before Mom could do all of the shopping she wanted since Graham was getting fussy
  • Some lady steering her buggy out of Mom's way and saying "I better not hit her, she might explode"-I don't think Mom found that funny.  She smiled and then muttered some strange words we have never heard before!
  • Cheering on the Hogs and showing Graham how to say "touchdown" before our afternoon naps.  Dad even had one. He didn't even see all of the ballgame!
  • Candy and a movie after nap and then pizza for supper
  • Playing all evening long with most of our toys and then working a puzzle with Dad
  • Graham going to bed early while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie
  • Mom and Dad losing all common sense and letting Reagan and Anderson stay up late watching movies, eating snacks, watching the Gaithers and riding bikes-at 9:30 they were still up.  Mom and Dad can't seem to get out of their chairs to take them to bed

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