Dennie Kids: November 30, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham laying in bed with Mom waiting on Anderson and Reagan to wake up-we gave up and went downstairs and as soon as we made it-they woke up
  • Starting our new chore chart this morning so we were quickly dressed and ready to put on our stickers
  • Reagan and Anderson working so hard on making their train track on the floor-not real sure why since it was already made on the train table
  • A quick little nap for Graham and then everyone heading to Grannymom's house to play
  • Eating lots and lots of lunch and then playing outside-Reagan spent her time collecting leaves for the new baby.  They had to be little leaves for the little baby-she has collected acorns, sticks, leaves and more leaves for IV
  • Afternoon naps while Santa worked on wrapping more presents
  • Graham woke up first and laid down on Mom's shoulder and almost went back to sleep-until Reagan woke him up
  • Reagan and Graham helping Mom cook a little bit.  Once Anderson woke up, he found what they had made and managed to grab a bite with his finger (Mom always catches him since he runs from the fridge laughing!)
  • Watching a movie before supper-Reagan and Graham ate almost 2 cans of oranges before Mom cut them off
  • Hanging out with Dad all evening while Mom went to Bunko.  He let us stay up late and then we called him upstairs a zillion times.  We even managed to stay up until Mom came home so she could kiss us good night.

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