Dennie Kids: November 16, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A lazy morning around here-everyone stayed in their pajamas until after 4
  • Graham eating 3 pieces of cinnamon toast for breakfast-2 of his and finished off Reagan's and Anderson's pieces
  • Playing all morning long while Mom did a little work around the house.  Reagan and Anderson colored while Graham sat on the table-Mom accidentally left the room when he was on the table and he just sat there and whined until she came back!
  • Dad coming home for lunch-we had peanut butter and jelly!  
  • Mom spending alot of the day doctoring Graham's foot-his toes are yucky and in the bottom of one it is open and yucky. (too much information, I know but it is already looking better)
  • Afternoon naps in new spots since Graham is too big for the pack n play.  Graham in his crib, Anderson in the bottom bunk and Reagan in Mom's bed (she loved being in Mom's bed and said it was so quiet and she liked not having to listen to Anderson)
  • Reagan making the baby a wreath with all of her acorns that she had saved-until we made it to the bottom of the cup and then we saw the little white worms eating the acorns.  She stood in Dad's chair while Mom threw most of the project out.  She will be devasted when she finds out that Mom had to throw it all out since she was making it for Baby IV
  • Everyone sitting on the couch eating a box of crackers for snack this afternoon
  • Supper and playing at Chickfila-it was yummy and they even had a slide-Graham climbed up top and Dad had to finally get him down since he wasn't going down the slide!
  • Home and going to bed-it was late!

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