July 21, 2014

Back home ... time to mow the yard!
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  • The kids slept until after 8 this morning-Graham and Keaton were the first ones up and they were up so long by themselves that I think they got a bit bored.  Soon everyone else woke up and when I finally decided to wake up sweet Whitman, he was just sitting in his bed playing away.
  • We had our breakfast and then worked a bit in the house.  One of the oddest things on my list today was to find Whitman a stuffed animal to play with.  On our trip, he would just hug and love on any toy that we saw at a store.  So I had both boys choose 3 and then we set them all up, and let Whitman choose. He didn't-he picked up each one and put each one down.  Then the kids all started playing with the animals.  Campbell found a step stool and turned it over and pretended to give one of the stuffed animals a bath.  Keaton told Campbell that it wasn't a bathtub but it was a hot tub-do you think she has spent too much time at hotel pools?
  • I was worried that Whitman wouldn't take a morning and afternoon nap today but he was back on his normal schedule.  When he went to sleep this morning, the rest of us sat down and read some. Graham had a fit earlier in the day because he wanted to read right then.  I told him that he certainly could but that we were all going to read again when Whitman went to sleep.  I wanted to make sure that we were pretty quiet until Whitman was asleep.  This did not please my Graham at all and he just had himself a good little fit.  It is hard coming back to reality.
  • Soon we had lunch and then the kids had plenty of time to play.  Reagan and Anderson mostly just wanted to play on their kindles and I did let them for a pretty long time-school here starts in 2 weeks so that will end the free reign on kindle time.  
  • Keaton prayed at lunch.  She listed item after item on her plate "thank you God for beans, thank you God for macaroni and cheese, thank you God for spam."  Yep, I fed them Spam today-and they ate the whole can.  Anderson even ate a slice.  And they ate a whole can of green beans.  It was a pretty good lunch!...even with the spam!
  • During the afternoon, the kids watched some movies and around 4 they all went outside.  The kids love traveling but I do think they miss just being able to run wherever they want.  Robby came home with groceries so the kids helped unpack but then they kept on playing.  Soon Grandpa, Grannymom, Zach, Nonna and Pops were all at our house.
  • The kids played with Zach and the neighbor kids until it was time for supper-hot dogs, hamburgers and all the fixings.  Nonna made a cake that the kids enjoyed-Anderson and Zach probably could have finished it all off themselves!  
  • We had a game of kickball after supper-the score was tied 3-3 at the end of our third inning so everyone was a winner tonight.  And their prize was a shower!  Tomorrow is a big day so they will hopefully all get some rest tonight.

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