July 26, 2014-Graham's Birthday Celebration #1

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Out for a swing...

  • Our day started off just like I figure it will end-with people in our room.  Around 5 last night, Graham came downstairs but instead of coming into our room, he just kept opening and closing our bedroom door.  Robby woke up and told him to come in and lay down.  He said he couldn't sleep but as soon as he laid down on the blanket we laid out for him, he was asleep.
  • Soon it was daylight and our bed was filled with people-lots of people.  Typing that made me think of Keaton.  She is always asking now "where is our people?"  I guess she gets that from me.  The kids watched a movie this morning as we slowly moved around and got breakfast.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa showed up just about the time that the cinnamon rolls came out of the oven.  Grannymom stayed inside while the kids ate and Grandpa and Robby started on hanging the tire swing again (3rd time-knocked down twice by neighbor kid-now moved to other side of the house)
  • The kids ate quickly so they could go outside and play.  Reagan did stay inside with me for awhile. She helped me make up a few recipes for an upcoming meal swap with some friends.  I got things ready and she pretty much did it all herself.  And then just as we were about to finish, she looked out the window and saw all of the excitement and headed out.
  • The kids loved swinging on the new swing but they just love playing outside when folks around.  If we are outside they will stay outside the entire day and they just about did today.  At some point in the morning, Anderson brought out popsicles for everyone.  As soon as Whitman saw Anderson, he knew he had something that he wanted.  And just like all the other kids, Whitman crowded around making noise until he was handed his popsicle.
  • We had lunch and after Grannymom and Grandpa left, the kids stayed outside for a bit more. Reagan asked if she could play her kindle and I said that she could not.  Then she said "if I read for 20 minutes, can I ?"  Well, that sounded fine so when people did come in the house, they started reading.  Of course after all that reading, the decided that they wanted to watch tv and I said that they would have to take a shower before that-they were nasty so they sure couldn't lounge around in my bed and and on my blankets during their movie.
  • Robby came in around 3 and we all relaxed a bit before 5.  Then we left to go to Krispy Kreme to kick off Graham's 6th birthday celebrations.  Unfortunately, the hot light was off and we didn't get our free hot doughnuts-that was fine but that meant that we ate lots more of our bought doughnuts so we won't have enough for breakfast tomorrow!...and really, if those doughnuts aren't "hot" then they really aren't the best.
  • Then we went swimming...here is why I said that we would end up with children in our room tonight...we were happily swimming away when we saw a lady looking around and then talking to a life guard.  There was so commotion happening but I was watching Whitman so I could only glance in the direction that it was happening.  I kept looking at Robby, Grannymom and Grandpa who were all watching everything happen.  Robby finally got out of his seat and headed to the commotion area.  Then he quickly turned around and said "call the police" just as I heard a loud thud/bang.  By this time the kids were coming closer to us but Robby was calling them over as Grannymom, myself and others were trying to dial 911.  
  • Long story short-domestic dispute outside of gate, woman and child hid in life guard office, shouting man jumped gate, he hit or body slammed man trying to tell him to leave, then man ran off.  The police (who took forever to come) came along with ambulance.  The pool was cleared as everyone was stunned but we stayed and watched the police come and go and interview and everything else...hoping that we could get back in the pool to calm the kiddos down some.  
  • There were lots and lots of questions asked.  Keaton keeps asking why we didn't stay at the pool and she keeps saying that Grannymom called the police.  And tonight at bedtime, Campbell told me that she kept thinking about bad things happening.  Gracious me!  
  • They eventually did decide that they were going to close the pool so we had to find something to do to get the kids minds off of this.  So we had ice cream!  We all enjoyed our Baskin Robbins treat-the kids couldn't get over our evening: doughnuts, pool and ice cream.  Yep, the doughnuts and ice cream were supper but I did hand the kids some peanut butter crackers as we all sat and watched the drama unfold at the pool.  
  • The pool drama bothered me some but not enough cause me to break out into hives.  But for some reason I do have itchy spots all over myself.  The same thing happened last night but I am just fine after some benedryl.  I am beginning to think that I am allergic to Robby, or being outside, or maybe doing laundry.  Yes, that is it, I am allergic to doing laundry.  

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