July 28, 2014

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Has anyone seen my goggles?

  • Graham didn't start off too well last night but he did eventually go to sleep and slept all night.  That was so nice sleeping all night long and yes, I know that I just jinxed us for tonight.
  • I had planned on waking up at a decent time this morning but that sure didn't happen.  We all just slept well past 8.  We might could have gotten a few things accomplished this morning but with sleeping late, they just didn't happen.
  • We had our breakfast and then the kids made birthday cards for a friend of a friend who is turning 99 years old.  I was hoping that the kids would hurry and get their cards finished quickly but they took their sweet time which was fine-their cards turned out pretty neat.
  • It was pool morning and the kids were happy that the Kamps were there.  It wasn't that crowded today and most of the time it was just our kids and 2 or 3 others in the pool.  I held Whitman while I was playing ball with Graham and every once in a while, Graham would swim over to us and Whitman would just hug on Graham-it was the sweetest thing.
  • There was some excitement at the pool today-not nearly as much as Saturday and this excitement was planned.  The life guards did a drill which we were all warned about.  One of them jumped in and didn't come up and the life guards cleared the pool, dove in and got the guy and then strapped him to the board.  Keaton was the only one of my kids who didn't really understand that they were just pretending.  
  • After the pool, we headed home.  Whitman fell asleep on the way home and was put to bed in the bonus room.  Keaton was not too far behind him in going to bed.  Then the rest of us did our first day of science.  We are doing a new science curriculum so I wanted to do it a few times before school officially starts.  I can already tell that the kids are going to love it-and I am too. 
  • Then it was movie time for them while I did a few things and before I knew it, it was time for Whitman and Keaton to wake up.  Keaton went downstairs to watch a movie with the others and Whitman stayed in the bonus room pack n play while I did my treadmill time.  
  • Soon Robby was home and the kids were ready for the evening-tonight was the first night of VBS down the road.  We walked there and dropped off my 4 big kids.  Keaton was sitting with the others before it started and when the called Campbell's group to line up, Keaton just went right with Campbell.  Campbell was a bit dramatic as she was trying to tell her sister that she could not go with her.  Keaton didn't mind staying with us but I think that she might just have gone with her big sister-next year she can.
  • They were gone until 9 and while they were gone, I made about 100 breakfast burritos for a meal swap.  While Keaton sat on the cabinet handing me tortillas and talking the ENTIRE time.  She did tell me that I needed a "cage" for Whitman.  I definitely agree-that kid is in to everything.
  • We  drove down to pick the kids up and they all came out of their groups as happy as they could be.  I think they all had a really good time-Anderson and Graham are in the same group, Reagan is in a group with 2 other girls and 1 other boy and Campbell sat on the front row (that is all she told me about her evening)
  • Once at home, it was shower time for everyone and then to bed.  Tomorrow is Graham's birthday, Nutrition Center, Nonna's house and VBS-busy day!

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