July 30, 2014

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  • When we went to bed last night, I was feeling a teeny tiny bit bad that I had the kids such a long list of chores to do this morning.  Like Campbell had 5 trash cans to empty and everyone else had 4-5 other chores on their lists.  Robby laughed that it would take them all day but before we were out of bed, the boys had finished all but one of their chores.  They were on a mission to get started putting together Graham's new legos.  They soon disappeared and worked and worked until they thought that had lost a piece (they hadn't).
  • Once everyone woke up, it was time for breakfast and then everyone finished up their chores.  Whitman then sat happily in his exersaucer while we all did our new science.  Whitman was happy only because he had a zillion and a half cheerios in front of him.  Things were going splendidly until Graham had a melt down-I had been hoping that those would end now that he is the magical age of 6-he couldn't figure out what to color that no one else had already drawn on their sheet.  Oh the drama!
  • I was able to exercise this morning while Whitman was napping and the kids played on their kindles.  For Graham's birthday, we bought him a kindle game...yes, we are those parents that don't really get their kids a real birthday gift.  Now really, what does he need?  More toys?  I don't think so and having a birthday party is his present.  Anyway, his new kindle game is Minecraft and the others now all have it too.  They spent this time sitting on the couch, right beside each other, saying things like "do you see me?" and "here I am" all while looking at their screens.  I should have made them go out and play.
  • Robby brought us lunch home that the kids devoured and then we read a bit and worked on our science fair projects.  We have just done a tiny bit of work on those projects and better get a move on.  We might kick it into high gear after Graham's party... or maybe not.
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies by most but Graham worked on his lego building.  Usually, Anderson will take over when Graham gets legos but not this time.  Graham worked steadily all afternoon putting his new tow truck together.  I would lay out the pieces that he needed next and he was so pleased with himself once he had finished.  
  • My funny story of the day...so we made birthday cards for a 99 year old the other day.  There was a picture of the old man with their cards in his lap.  I showed the picture to the kids and Graham's response was "he is 99? That is supposed to be old?  He doesn't look 99.  He looks more like Pops' age."
  • Soon it was time for VBS.  The kids continue to be so excited-maybe they were just excited about the ice cream they had there, the popsicle they had there and then the ice cream that they had once they made it home.  While they were all gone, Keaton, Whitman and us ran to the grocery store.  While we were there and on the way, Keaton talked and talked and talked to us.  I remember when our doctor was a bit concerned about her not talking-miss those days!
  • Once everyone was at home tonight, they did all have their ice cream and then it was to bed....except after being up there for about 10 minutes, I realized I had forgotten to take the girls pictures so I ran back up there.  Poor Campbell was too tired to open her eyes but after I took Reagan's pictures she laughed hysterically because of all of the dots she was seeing from the camera's flash.  

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