July 1, 2014

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Catching fireflies!

  • Since we are about to leave for our road trip, you would have thought that I was busy, busy today.  Yep, I probably should have been but nope, I wasn't at all.  I helped Robby with the car this morning, packed some, took a short nap, watched the soccer game and played soccer and caught lightening bugs outside.  So that means tomorrow I will have to kick things into high gear.  Hmm, I have summarized my day in just a few sentences-whatever will I talk about for the rest of the blog?  I better think of something so you can get your money's worth.
  • Robby was gone early so get the car all ready for the trip and when he is not in bed with me when the kids walk into our room, they immediately head up to the bonus room to find him on the treadmill. (He has run for 125 days straight.) I tried to catch most of them as they walked through the room to tell them that he wasn't running.  I did catch most of them but I am sure that a few kids still went up to look.  
  • We are working on cleaning out the fridge and pantry so for breakfast we had toast and quickly finished off 2 open loaves of our bread (why did we have 2 open, I just don't know) and then we finished off one of Robby's loaves of bread.  And we also opened and emptied a large yogurt container.  We still have apples, bananas and a few other fridge items to finish off tomorrow-I hope.
  • The kids helped me pack a few things for the trip-their toys and toothbrushes.  They get so excited about helping pack but a trip like this, I have to make sure that every specific thing is placed strategically in the correct spot so I do have to do most of the packing.  
  • We had our lunch and then before I knew it, we were all watching the soccer game.  At first the kids would come in and ask what the score was.  They were shocked each and every time when we would say 0 to 0.  Nonna and Pops came over to give them kids a goodie bag for their trip and the kids were delighted to peer inside of them-and then I quickly took them away and packed them up.
  • They stayed as we watched the disappointing end of the soccer game and then had supper with us.  We had chicken spaghetti and then the crew all headed outside.  Robby mowed as quick as he could and was able to finish the entire yard.  
  • While he mowed, we picked up some sticks and then played a soccer game.  The game was tied when we finally stopped-we had planned on just taking a break but we were hot.  Campbell did work some on riding Graham's bike down the little grassy hill at the bottom of the yard.  She did surprisingly well and if we keep working will have her training wheels off before the end of the summer.  She would often stop peddling and tip over but when she was peddling, I only had to help her a bit.  
  • The kids have been seeing the zillions of lightening bugs out the windows every night lately as we are ushering them up the stairs to go to bed but tonight we were able to catch them.  They are all sleeping upstairs now with a jar of bugs sitting on their table that they pulled into the middle of their room.
  • We also had time to play 1 inning of a kickball game.  The boys beat the girls by 1 point-though I do believe they had a few unfair plays but we let them win this time!  And once inside the house, it was shower time for all before a popsicle and then bedtime.

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