July 24, 2014

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Slooowwww done sister....

  • Things are just different around here without Reagan.  It doesn't really matter who isn't here but when one child is gone, things are just strange.  Today, the day just seemed to drag on-of course all of this happens on days when Robby is here and he ends up thinking that we don't do anything all day long.  
  • The day started off with a lazy breakfast and then the kids helped me straighten the house.  Actually, they just kind of followed me from room to room while I did everything involved in straightening the house.  They did fold all of the towels for me but then they proceeded to spread all of my other laundry out around the room-this was partly Whitman's fault.  He loves to grab things-especially socks-and then run around the house.  I have a huge bucket upstairs with solo socks just waiting to be paired up all because of a one year old.
  • Then the kids and I read some and started to work on their science fair projects.  Yuck!  I can tell you that I am not ready for school to start back-I have just over 1 week to become excited enough about school that my excitement becomes contagious to the rest of the people in this house.
  • Whitman had himself a morning nap and Robby reminded me that his morning naps are probably soon coming to an end.  Those were words that I just wasn't ready to hear-no morning nap? no morning nap right in the middle of our school day? I just don't think that I can take that at all!  Oh, really it  should be manageable since he is such a good little baby (most of the time).
  • Soon it was lunch time and then we just didn't have anything to do until nap time.  I did let Whitman play upstairs with the kids-he never gets to go in the toy room and that baby had a blast.  The kids were being wild but Whitman didn't care.  It was like I had put the child down in a toy store-there was so much for him to see and pick up.  He is pretty good about not putting things in his mouth now so I can trust him a bit there but he would try to scoot down the stairs if he isn't being watched so I can't trust him too much.
  • At 2, I put the nappers down for a nap and then Campbell and I left to run to the grocery store.  She was delighted to get to go with me and chatted the entire time.  After our shopping, we picked Reagan up from Grannymom's house.  Reagan was super excited about her night and day-Lilly's painting party when Reagan painted a canvas of flowers and then she was able to go with Lilly to watch Lilly get her ears pierced.  
  • We came home for a bit and then soon we were all leaving again-our 3rd day in a row to go swimming.  I am trying to make sure that we get our money's worth!  The kids were so happy to get to swim again-that is one thing that they really enjoy doing.  And tonight, Robby let Campbell go off the diving board with out her floatees.  She did great and kept jumping (with Robby still watching her) until we made her stop.  We didn't want for her to get too tired.  
  • When it was time to go home, my kids didn't want to go.  But we all got to the car, made it home for showers and a bit more pizza and then it was bedtime.

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