July 29, 2014 - Happy Birthday Graham!

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Six Years Old TODAY!

  • Busy day today which meant I had to wake most people up but soon they remembered that Robby was getting Graham the real "Minecraft" for his Kindle and everyone else for his birthday. Soon everyone was dressed and they were all on the couch playing Kindles.
  • Before we had planned our recent road trip, I had scheduled Graham's nutrition visit at ACH (his last after 6 years!) during the same time.  So when I rescheduled, it happened to fall on his actual birthday.  Probably not his first choice to spend his birthday but he actually was excited this morning to be headed off.  That meant dropping everyone else off at Nonna and Pops.  We managed to make it to Nonna's by 8:30 and Graham and I to ACH by 9:00.
  • His nutrition visit was supposed to be two different visits but my preference was to finish all in 1 day.  By about 3:00 this afternoon, I was beginning to regret the decision.  I kept thinking of all the things I could be getting done.  Pops even called to make sure we were coming - well, he wasn't ready to get rid of them but he had some ancy kids who had planned a special surprise...
  • Yep, as soon as we had dropped everyone off this morning - Reagan spearheaded efforts to plan a surprise party for Graham.  Nonna said Reagan started looking for us to return around noon and was trying to keep the house in tip-top shape so by 3:00 she was ready us to get back.
  • As soon as we pulled up, we could see the sign that said "Do Not Open Garage."  The kids had made cupcakes, signs, had a marching parade and were so excited to celebrate Graham's birthday. Nonna even let him open a present early.
  • We made it home in time to unload, eat a bit of supper (glad I made all those breakfast burritos last night!) and then Robby was home with a few more groceries to unload. 
  • With the western theme at VBS, the kids had been talking about wearing their boots.  So shorts and boots were how most of them were dressed when they left.  Robby took them and Keaton while Whitman and I stayed here. I got ready because I was getting out of dodge myself - off to Bunko I went when Robby made it back home.
  • They spent their evening playing with Whitman's toys, taking selfies with the iphone and even had a surprise visit from Ms. Alicia and Anna.  She came bearing gifts -- a dozen fresh eggs straight from the hen house plus a plate full of hot chocolate chip cookies.
  • They picked up everyone from VBS and then came home to enjoy the cookies, brush their teeth, read a Bible story and get in bed. 

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