July 25, 2014

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One day his face will get stuck like this :)

  • My Campbell is still having trouble sleeping.  She just fusses some, calls for me and cries out occasionally.  Keaton (my light sleeper) or Reagan will holler that Campbell needs us and up the stairs one of us will go.  I didn't hear any of this last night but Robby did and he made the trip upstairs.  Guess tonight will be my turn!
  • Since today was Friday, we were in no hurry to get up.  Actually, we don't really hurry to get up any morning lately.  The kids wanted for us to hurry and get up to go and get doughnuts tomorrow-we suggested maybe doughnuts tomorrow night.
  • At breakfast, I did decide to go see Beebee before we went to Anderson's doctor's appointment.  We hurried around and quickly left.  Of course, it was almost 9:30 so we only managed to spend about 30 minutes with Beebee.  She was in a good mood today and freely passed out candy to the kids who gobbled it up.  She was in a hurry to get to the salon so my crew gladly pushed her there after telling her all about our trip.  
  • Then we jumped in the car and went to Anderson's doctor's appointment.  He passed!  She said that his ear was perfectly healed though there was still some fluid in it.  Dr. Martin said that it would drain out on its on.  I was glad everything was healed so then we headed to the library.  We survived the library without much drama-I love getting books from the library but I really don't like going at all.  I do need to take the kids to the children's library sometime-maybe that trip would be a bit less stressful for me.
  • Once at home, the kids worked on their chores and I quickly tried to get lunch ready.  It was nearly 1 when we ate so the kids were hungry.  Hungry enough that they ate and ate while I read and read.  I am not really sure what all happened around here from 1 to 2 because the next thing I knew, the clock said 2 and I started hurrying to put my little people to bed.  I had things to do...
  • Take a nap!  Yep, that was on my agenda for today.  My throat has been killing me today-hurts so bad that my ear hurts when I swallow so I just needed a nap.  I was good and almost asleep when my Campbell came to join me.  We cuddled up and slept and slept-I had set my alarm on my phone but I just kept hitting snooze.  Campbell and I were so comfy and cozy.  
  • When Robby came home, we all headed outside.  He mowed some-when his lawnmowers worked and we played the entire time-baseball and soccer.  (Yes, there was no kickball played tonight-shocking!)  I did manage to pick up some sticks but with Whitman you just can't leave him alone-he runs to the swings and goes everywhere in the snake filled yard (I don't really know if the yard is snake filled, I just imagine it being snake filled though when Whitman is walking by himself)  He even climbed on Robby's lawnmower tonight-gracious me!
  • We were outside until after 9 then we had our showers and supper-and can you imagine how hungry the kids were?  Keaton kept asking for more food.  We put Whitman to bed and then we all sat down to watch our last little bit of Ninja Warrior from the other night.  It was a late night but a fun day!  

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