July 31, 2014

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Whitman's bat has arrived!

  • We all have a rude awakening arriving in a few weeks - end of summer and the start of school.  Seeing how I want to be starting school at 8:00 and these days most folks are not rolling out of bed until 8:05 or after...
  • Graham and Campbell were the first up and they were actually very quiet even after coming in our room until someone pottied and then that meant I had to get out of bed.  But also meant I checked my phone which was good because...
  • Grannymom had written saying they were headed to Rock Creek at 10:00 and my kiddos were super excited to see Lilly and Cash who had been at the beach a few days. You would have thought it had been weeks since they had seen each other.
  • Everyone played well, even though it was a tad bit crowded - still manageable.  'Ole Whitman can hold his own these days - two boys about his size pushed ahead of him. So what did he do - he just pushed them back and out of his way so he could carry on to where he was headed.
  • By about 11:45, everyone had had their fill of climbing and slides and had worked up an appetite so we all headed to Wendy's for nuggets, fries and Frosty's.
  • Made it home around 1:00 and decided to straighten up the garage a bit and let the kids ride their bikes and scooters. Graham decided he was too worn out and needed a rest.  He made a deal to go inside and lay down in his bed for an hour.  He tired of that after about 20 minutes but in the end managed to stay the hour although their was some whimpering at the end.
  • We did a bit of individual reading time and somewhere in there, Campbell and Robby brought icees for everyone at the start of movie time.  Minecraft is still at the top of Graham's list so he skipped most of the movies to play his Kindle.
  • The UPS man made a special delivery - the bat we ordered a couple of weeks ago when we visited the Louisville Slugger factory.  The kids enjoyed opening the box and Keaton said, "Whitman's bat is bigger."  This time Robby had decided to round of the set of bats for the boys with getting a full size bat for Whitman.  Maybe one day when the boys have their own room, we can display them all together.
  • Before long it was time for supper and then to head to VBS.  For the offering, the boys and girls have been having a competition.  Of course, there are twice as many girls so they've been leading all week. Robby decided to slip each of the boys $10.  They were so excited and promised to not tell the girls (although I had slipped them a dollar each) - Graham didn't tell until they got home but that was after they found out the girls won the whole thing. (Robby thought he had another night to help the boys).  The girls ended up winning by a little over $10 which means someone gets a pie in the face - one of the adults I think.
  • Everyone had another fun night and are ready for the big finale program tomorrow night.  They say they know all their songs except one. We'll find out tomorrow.
  • Robby and I did sneak out for supper, along with Keaton and Whitman, to Chuy's.  So much easier eating out with 2 instead of 6 but we still got placed in the back.  Keaton thought she was something else getting her own kids meals along with ice cream.
  • Another late night - kids finally were in bed by 9:40 and now we're eating ice cream. Robby promises after Saturday, we are back to full time eating and good eating.

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