July 22, 2014

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Fun day at the zoo, topped off with swimming!

  • Yesterday when Anderson got Keaton out of her bed, he came downstairs and told me that Keaton was getting "too big for that little bed."  I tried to explain to him that I had no plans on getting her a big bed now since her crib is working just fine.  
  • Campbell didn't sleep well last night-strange how she doesn't sleep well at home but sleeps pretty good in hotels.  I guess if she keeps waking up in the middle of the night, Keaton can have her bed and Campbell can just move into our bedroom.
  • Of all days, I really wanted the kids to get up early (early to me means 7-7:15) but I was out of luck there.  They did come rolling down the steps after 7:30 and we finally had to call Reagan down after 8.  We needed to leave at 8:30 to go and pick up Grannymom, Lilly, Zach and Lilly's friend Meredith for our outings.
  • There was a bit of drama in the car this morning.  I had changed out the car seats last night after we had removed the back, back seat.  Graham and Anderson sitting together didn't really work out.  Campbell couldn't see over Anderson's head to watch the movie.  And Reagan wasn't happy about being in the back.  Again, you can't please everyone-I do think that Whitman and Keaton were pleased with where their seats were-or at least they didn't say anything.
  • After picking everyone up, we went to the zoo for the morning.  In comparison of the St. Louis zoo, when we pulled into the parking lot, we were about the 10th car there.  And pretty much there was hardly anyone there today.  We saw plenty of animals with ease-even though we were only at our zoo for about 2 hours, we saw double the number of animals.  (Nothing against the St. Louis zoo, there was just way too many people there.)
  • The elephants were walking holding each other's tails, the tortoise was walking around, the giraffe was licking the side of the building, the cheetah was standing on top of a tall tree stump and the rhino was out near the fence-pretty good animal watching day.  Soon we were back in the van stopping to pick up some pizza for lunch.
  • Once at the pool, we sunscreened everyone and let them play for the 10 minutes before adult swim.  Once they blew that adult swim whistle, we passed out our pizza, breadsticks and lemonade.  The kids ate up-they must have been hungry.  
  • Then they swam and played cops and robbers mostly.  I would have to break things up occasionally because they were getting a bit too rough but no one seemed to mind (only me).  But they had a blast playing with each other and all the big kids (Graham on up and occasionally Campbell) stayed together all afternoon.
  • They had huge pixie sticks for their snack at the pool.  My kids had never had pixie sticks like that and they were coughing and gagging on all of the sugar-and loving everyone minute of it.  It was a good thing that they had to get back in the water after eating so they could wash the sticky off of them.
  • Around 2:30, we headed home-kind of funny when it was time to leave-I walked over to all 8 kids swimming in the circle pool and told them it was time to go.  They all climbed out and then the life guard was just standing there watching an empty pool.
  • We dropped off Grannymom and her crew and then headed home.  Keaton and Whitman were asleep when we made it home but Keaton didn't stay asleep.  She managed to wake up in time to have a shower with Campbell and then help the others with their chores.  
  • The kids did their chores and then all had time to watch a movie.  But Reagan, Campbell and I were busy during the movies because we were working on their American Girls' dolls hair.  The hair on some of their dolls was pretty bad but hopefully we were able to improve it.  We are planning on working on styling their hair tomorrow-fun, fun times!
  • When Robby came home, we all got ready and headed out to Nonna's house.  We went out to eat and the kids stayed with Nonna and Pops.  They had a big supper and then played until Graham fell asleep.  Anderson loves going to Nonna's because he gets to watch some pretty wild shows that we don't have on our tv-like a naked man out in the jungle.  It was quite interesting Anderson explaining to me why the man didn't have any clothes on!
  • Once we made it home, everyone brushed their teeth and then it was to bed they went.  Graham woke up enough to get into bed and listen to the Bible story.  My boy gets tired during busy days like today...I do too!

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