July 27, 2014

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Everyone loves ice cream truck night!

  • Isn't it strange how we get into patterns?  Well, Graham was the one who again could sleep last night.  He must have been awake for over an hour before he called out for me and then started talking.  We both went up there but finally just told him to come downstairs.  I am sure that the kids are much more at ease sleeping in our room but letting them sleep in our room probably perpetuates them waking up but it also lets us get some sleep.  Again as soon as he was in our room, he went right to sleep and so did the rest of us.
  • We actually slept so well that we had to scramble this morning.  I heard Robby in the shower and didn't look at the clock but as soon as he was out, he asked me about the kids clothes.  I immediately knew that meant we were running late-late enough that the kids had to eat breakfast in the car.  My Whitman must not have liked all of our rushing around because though we did have time to sit him in his high chair to eat breakfast, he just threw himself a big old fit.
  • Same type of fit it threw when Robby handed him over to his Sunday school teachers.  They eventually sat him on the floor and he would cry if they would try to move him away from the door.  That little turkey.  He was actually a perfect kid in his class while we working in their during worship care but as soon as we were home and eating again, he got upset at us.  Who knows, the kid probably wants to sit on a stool like all of his brothers and sisters.
  • It was nice to be back in church this morning after missing 3 weeks-good to be home.  Reagan turned in her note that she read her Bible each day and received a bag full of goodies.  I realized that Campbell will soon be in big church with us-eek!  And Robby and I met someone who had been at Geyer for 35+ years-so wild.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were headed out on a trip so that meant that it was McDonalds for lunch.  Robby and I ate in the car on the way home and then at home the kids ate while we picked up and unloaded.  And after lunch, we straightened the house and then the Sunday afternoon nap process began.  
  • Except that we didn't make Keaton take a nap-mistake!  She caused all kinds of drama with the other kids watching movies and eventually ended upstairs with Robby and me while we were watching a Henry Ford documentary (oh, the exciting life we lead!)  Keaton, Campbell and me all fell asleep in a big heap and when I woke up  towards the end of Henry's life, Robby was snoozing too.  I guess that means we will have to rewatch some of it another time....or I could just tell Robby the end-Henry dies. 
  • Soon it was time to scurry around and eat our supper.  Then it was to church-I do feel sorry for the folks sitting behind us.  Campbell was in church and she spent her time sitting by me pointing out the word "God" in the Bible after I showed it to her.  Every time she found the word "God" she would point, grin and loudly whisper "God."  And then Graham was on the other side of me snoring away-that is what happens when you don't sleep at night.
  • It had been so long since we had our Sunday night ice cream truck that Robby had to remind everyone about it.  The kids sure hadn't forgotten and they were so excited but then they were disappointed when they saw that we only had a few choices left-someone needs to go shopping around here!
  • And hive report-I haven't had any yet tonight but the night is still young-plenty of time to break out into hives!

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