Branson: July 16, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)


We all slept very well last night-even though Polka Dot (Campbell) woke up at 12 and 3.  Every time she would wake up, I would hear Graham roll over and hold my breath that he didn’t wake up too.  But he slept through the night and was ready to go in the morning.


We ate our pop tarts and granola bars for breakfast and then met the rest of the family to head to Silver Dollar City.  It was a hot, hot day but we managed and stayed….well, we just stayed hot.  The lines were short so after our family photo, we walked to the kiddie section.  The kids loved the frogs and ladybugs.  Next stop was the swings and Graham had to watch this one since he isn’t tall enough.  The next few rides (roller coaster, boat, and teacups) Graham had to watch too but Reagan and Anderson enjoyed.  Grannymom did sneak Graham on the Dumbo ride and Robby took him back to the ladybugs to ride.


Soon we met back up and had some lemonade and lunch.  After lunch, we hit up the Fire in the Hole and a boat ride.  On the Fire in the Hole Anderson rode with Grannymom.  He made sure that Grannymom understood that she would be okay because he was right there beside her.  Graham could do the boat ride and it didn’t seem to bother him that it was quite scary.  Campbell was a trooper and braved the heat well.  Grannymom did take her to see a show so they could cool off.  And when Grannymom was starting to change Campbell’s diaper-she was surprised to find that she didn’t have the diaper bag with her…they survived though.


Anderson loves Zach and is constantly picking on him.  I guess he is trying to get Zach to notice him.  He doesn’t have a clue that when Zach, who is a good foot taller than him, gets fed up with Anderson’s picking he will be the underdog.  It is kind of weird-Anderson is usually pretty calm but with Zach he is doing karate kicks out on the sidewalk.  Anyway, Les and Dana and their crews stayed back to ride a few more big rides and we headed back to catch the trolley for our car.  On the way out, Anderson saw a wooden tractor that he just had to ride on and that was probably the highlight of his day.  Back at the hotel the kids were more than willing to change into their bathing suits…and man, can they move quick if you mention swimming,


The lazy river was the first stop and it was anything but lazy this afternoon.  Grannymom and Campbell set out since it was a little chilly.  But the rest of us just sped around-Reagan loved it (but she would still scream each time we came to the buckets of water that would fall on your head)  Graham loved it too-he doesn’t need any help and would just spin around as the current carried him.  Whenever you think you need to grab him, he just looks at you like what did you do that for?  He has no fear.  Next we played downstairs in the kiddie pool with the smaller slides.  Graham is scraping his knees up in this pool because he doesn’t walk, he just floats-and it is only a foot deep.  Campbell is loving to kick in the pool-Anderson did commandeer her and her floatee today and push her up the kiddie slide and then slide her back down while telling her “wheeee.”  I tried to get on to him but Campbell was grinning at him, saying “yea” and trying to clap.       


Soon Campbell was about to fall asleep again so we went upstairs for baths and a rest.  Baths were quick and then rest time came along-the girls were the only ones that went to sleep.  The boys are sitting in the floor playing cars (not to quietly).  We made it downstairs in time for the kids to play in the game room for a few minutes-it was a sight to see all 7 cousins (minus Campbell) lined up “playing” video games-only a few of them were actually playing the games.


Supper was at Branson Landing-it took awhile to arrive and when we did, we found the very last, farthest away parking spot.  The weather had cooled off and it was almost breezy this evening.  We listened to the band, touched the fountain, ate supper at a pizza place and did a little strolling.  Anderson ate an entire grilled cheese, Graham finished a 1/2 and Reagan only picked at her.  She said her stomach hurt which is her new way to get out of things.  This morning Dad was worried that she had fever (Mom didn’t think so) and tonight Mom was worried that Reagan had fever (Dad and the thermometer didn’t think so).  Amber had said that Campbell was contagious and the other kids might catch her virus so we keep expecting that to happen.  Hopefully, Reagan won’t get it because she would be freaked out if she looked like Campbell.  By the way, Spotty Dotty is looking a little bit better (maybe).


At supper, we discussed our favorite rides-Reagan’s favorite was the frogs and Anderson loved the target one.  So I guess that is the main goal for tomorrow-the frogs and the targets.  I think that is fairly doable too.  Riding has been fairly tricky today and we have needed all the help we can get-Reagan and Anderson are just short enough they need an adult with each of them, Graham is too short for those rides and can only ride a few and Campbell can’t ride much of anything.  Actually, Graham can only ride on the rides that Campbell can ride on. 


We managed to find the playground at the Landing and since Reagan had brought her purse, she was ready to ride on the little rides by the playground.  Robby did pay for the rides so she didn’t have to use her money but at the end, Robby needed to borrow some money and Reagan wasn’t going to “loan” him any-she didn’t know what “loan” meant.  Once she understood he would pay her back, she was about to when Grandpa came through for her.  We made a quick loop through the Disney Store-all 4 stayed in their buggies so it was a very quick loop.


Next, we trekked back to the car.  On the way, Anderson said that he was tired-hmm, Mom and Dad were the ones pushing the stroller.  It was about 9:30 then and we had one more stop to make.  Andy’s Frozen Custard down on the strip.  By the time we arrived, we had 4 kiddos asleep in the back.  Possible one of those was a faker (Reagan) but she was pretty convincing if she was just fooling us.  Everyone but Graham woke up for the custard and they thought it was as good as ours.  Anderson spotted the go-karts and I promised him that we would do that before he grows up. 


Back at the hotel, Graham finally woke up on the elevator ride to the room.  When we got in the room, he just laid in the floor.  We quickly got him in bed and started working on the other crew.  They are now fast asleep and thinking about all of the fun we will have tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Mom and Dad are stewing because we thought we had left the camera in the room tonight (the reason we don’t have any evening pictures) but when we go to look for it in the room we can’t find it.  Finally, Dad remembers where it is-in the pocket of one of the strollers.  Which meant we had it all along tonight right in front of us.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow night!…we might just do the same things again (especially the custard part).

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