Dennie Kids: July 12, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Goodness everyone was hungry at breakfast today-Campbell had her cereal and 1/2 of a cup of yogurt.  Anderson finished off her yogurt, had a banana and another cup of yogurt and Reagan and Graham each had a banana and yogurt-sometimes they eat and sometimes they don’t.
  • Reading a few stories at breakfast time and then picking up 249 matchbox cars!
  • Grannymom coming over to pick the big 3 up and they headed to play at Rock Creek.  Grannymom said that they played and played-Graham can almost make it to the top by himself.  They were exhausted when they made it back
  • After lunch at Grannymom’s house, they took the crew back out to feed the ducks.  Reagan wanted to pet them (and probably bring them home as pets) and Graham couldn’t wait to tell Mom all about it
  • Campbell stayed home with Mom and finally took her morning nap and when she did she took a long nap (probably because Mom put her in her dark cozy “bedroom”) and not just on the couch
  • Everyone else taking a long nap this afternoon since they were “exhausted” (Reagan’s words) but then they were going strong when they woke up
  • Working on our workbooks, coloring, Reagan reading and playing legos for at least an hour.  The boys and Mom watched it rain and watched the cars drive by while waiting on Dad
  • Eating supper and then going out to clean the garage-Dad finally made it home to help and they were thrilled to see him.  Maybe they were thrilled because he said they could play in the rain…which turned into playing pirate on the front porch with Mom’s ice chest and a folding chair
  • More playing and then a movie before bedtime.  Campbell and Graham are in the same room-Graham still fussed but all is calm now.  Reagan and Anderson are on the 2nd bathroom trip as we speak.

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