Dennie Kids: July 6, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Dad chickened out and had Mom take the kids to school this morning.  Graham didn’t do very well but he could have done worse.  Mom did have to shove him in the room while she closed the door.  Reagan was holding his foxy today so maybe that calmed him down eventually
  • Anderson working on the letter O at school, Reagan did the letter W and Graham painted the ocean.  It sounded like they had an okay day. 
  • Campbell spent the day at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and she missed her brothers and sister today.  Once they arrived she was as happy as she could be
  • Reagan working on her “collection” box while the boys played with their trucks from Nonna. 
  • Making pretzels dipped in chocolate and sprinkles-Reagan saw it on the front of her and Mom’s new cookbook and wanted to do it.  We didn’t have big pretzels so Reagan decided that the little ones would work
  • Playing outside for a few minutes.  Mom sat Campbell down on the glider and as Mom was trying to sit down too, she let Campbell bump her head-and she was very unhappy with Mom.  Campbell did eventually calm down and enjoyed swinging
  • Reading a book, playing ball, watching Mom juggle and playing legos until Dad came home
  • Supper and then eating our pretzels.  Running to Sam’s to pick up some milk-only 5 gallons needed today!  Ha!  We were completely out and had to get some tonight or we would have very cranky boys in the morning

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