Dennie Kids: July 5, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • The day after the holiday caused everyone to sleep in-Graham even slept until 9
  • Once everyone was up and stirring, the kids all came downstairs.  Anderson was very interested to hear why there was a fan blowing on the floor (air conditioner leak) and Graham kept pointing at the closed window curtain (air conditioner leak meant no air last night)
  • Breakfast (something different for all 4), stories, playtime-the favorite toy now is Lightening McQueen cars again, clothes and playing outside for a few minutes
  • Going to Grannymom’s house to watch Dad and Grandpa work on Grandpa’s new tv.  While we were there, we ate ice cream and popsicles along with a little bit of lunch.  Both boys painted rocks, Anderson painted a bank and Reagan painted a container to put her rock collection in while Campbell hung out with Grandpa
  • Graham opted to go with Dad (and Mom) to eat lunch.  He was as happy as he could be being by himself.  He grinned and teased and convinced Mom and Dad that he would really enjoy being an only child! 
  • Naps for everyone back at home and then Reagan and Anderson played a game with Mom until the babies woke up
  • Eating supper with Nonna and Pops-they are finally back from their trip.  When Mom told Anderson they were home, he said “oh, good” in a relieved voice
  • After supper, the kids picked tomatoes (which they don’t like), cucumbers (which they don’t like) and peppers (which they also don’t like).  Mom was going to try to do something with them so they could try them-but she left them at Nonna’s house (oh well!)
  • A short movie before bed and then bedtime-Reagan tried to convince Mom that she could sleep with Anderson’s bear and Graham screamed and screamed until he fell asleep.  He has gotten worse at school and still screams at church and now is pretty attached to Dad at home too.  Mom even had to peek in and make sure that his fit throwing hadn’t broken his crib!

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