Dennie Kids: July 13, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Woohoo! Graham didn’t fuss this morning when Dad dropped him off.  Graham was distracted and Dad high-tailed it out of there before he noticed.  Then he waited outside of the door to listen for the scream but he never heard it!
  • Campbell had a little bit of fever last night (she felt fine and even stayed up late with Mom) but today she felt fever free…but her teeth must be bothering her since she can’t keep her hands out of her mouth
  • Everyone discussing their favorite part of the day: Reagan said playing with Anderson, Anderson playing with Reagan and Graham said playing with Reagan (he didn’t play with her at school though)
  • Having a snack at Grannymom’s house with Cash and then riding bicycles until Mom said it was time to go home because her and Reagan had an errand to run.
  • Poor Reagan, the other night Mom saw a tiny little speck while brushing her teeth.  Dr. Ted checked it and it was indeed another cavity-luckily we caught it in time.  And hooray for Dr. Ted because he just filled her cavity today.  Reagan was shy and skittish at the beginning but after a little bit of laughing gas, her and Anderson were chatting away.  She did great…and Anderson was quite worried about his sister.  Mom suggested to him that maybe he would want to be a dentist after watching Dr. Ted and he said no, he still wanted to drive a trash truck
  • Anderson and Reagan ate their lollipops that Dr. Ted gave them on the way home (Mom thinks he is trying to get more business by handing out lollipops) 
  • Pops stopping by to deliver some mac and cheese and it was supper tonight.  Anderson has been asking to go to the mall and get a pretzel so Dad took everyone for a little snack.  Plus, everyone took some of their money from their piggy banks to ride the “rides” at the mall
  • Helping Mom pack before bed and then bedtime for the 3 big ones.  Campbell stayed up on the couch and busyies herself by trying to grab Mom’s coke.

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