Dennie Kids: July 10, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A fairly early morning-early for a Saturday anyway.  Graham and Campbell did sleep all night but they were going strong by 7:30
  • Anderson was ready to eat breakfast so he bounded downstairs when Dad mentioned it-so was Graham.  They love their eggo waffles but Reagan (ms. picky) only eats Dad’s waffles with strawberries or blueberries
  • Grannymom and Grandpa coming over for a few minutes-Grandpa ended up working with Dad while Grannymom played with all of us.  We pretended like we were at Disney World-and we remember every little detail of that trip…maybe Dad will take us back soon!
  • Mom finishing her run on the treadmill and finding not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4 or 5 but 6 milk cups on the floor throughout the house.  Hmm, I think maybe we should put that lock back on the fridge or just buy a cow!
  • Lunch and then finishing our letter Ds.  Mom let us use the glue sticks today and we didn’t make as big of a mess.  Then watching our Bob the Building movie from the library-Anderson could watch it all day long
  • Naps and then Mom had to wake Reagan up to get ready to go to a wedding with Nonna.  Reagan couldn’t believe that Mom said she probably looked prettier than the bride would look
  • Nonna came to pick Reagan up and take her to the wedding.  She really watched the unity candle part and knew as soon as it was over that it was time for cake.  Reagan really enjoyed the reception-the cake, candy, marshmallows, mints and nuts.  She had a big ole time and was so proud to bring home some candy for the rest of the family
  • Anderson and Graham going with Dad to Burger King for a bite of supper and then meeting Nonna, Pops and Reagan along with Mom and Campbell at Krispy Kreme.  Campbell even got into the act today-she tried to take a bite of a donut and held the hat the entire time
  • Campbell’s new thing is getting very upset when someone takes one of her toys away.  She lets them know about it and is quite vocal when she needs/has to be
  • Playing games on Mom’s computer before bedtime-Graham even had a turn and was so pleased with himself since he was like one of the big kids

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