Monday Confessions

Are we lost? Where are we? Is this the way home?....We heard all of that last night.  And the answer to those questions were yes, don't know and not sure.  We ate out after church and then Robby suggested that we drop off a Bunko present that was left at our house.  While I was on the phone, Robby took a turn I wasn't familiar with....and he wasn't too familiar with that turn either.  We drove and drove and turned and turned and unfortunately we got lost....really lost!  We learned that hard way that you should always have the GPS in the car-it doesn't do you any good in the kitchen cabinet.  We ended up in another town...and then even another town.  It probably would have been a prettier drive in the daylight.  This made us both appreciate the movies in the car for the kids and I was pretty appreciative of the full tank of gas and the map on the phone that got us home.  After an hour detour, we finally made it home!...and we had a blast!

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Amber said...

Oh no...I'm sorry you guys were lost! You did get the correct house and I loved all the items! Sorry for the long trip home!