Dennie Kids: July 2, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A fairly busy morning-breakfast, clothes, laundry (Mom made us put it up), picking up (she made us do that too) and cutting fingernails…all before 10.  We work pretty quickly when Mom says something about a trip
  • Picking Dad up to go with us to the library.  When we neared downtown, Anderson said “are we downtown baby?”  Mom thought he was using a term of endearment for her but soon realized that “downtown baby” was really just one word
  • Storytime at the library-but we were a little later today and had to sit in the back and it wasn’t as much fun since we couldn’t see well.  Mom will work harder next time to get us there very early. 
  • Afterwards, we walked around and looked at books (Mom forgot her library cards so we couldn’t check out any books).  When Dad mentioned that it was time to take him back to work, Anderson looked out the window and said “you can walk back to work, I can see your work from here”-we still drove him back
  • Coming home to work in our workbooks, play and eat lunch.  Reagan became mad at Mom when she heated up burritos for lunch-they were too big to fit on her tea party plate.  Mom cut them up so they would fit perfectly but that was still unacceptable
  • Naps for everyone and then movie and a snack while waiting on Dad to come home so we could leave for our trip.  We left the house about 5.
  • And then we arrived at our destination at about 5:30!  We are starting our holiday weekend in Conway and the kids are ecstatic.  Mom and Dad were pretty ecstatic about eating at Market Place. 
  • Reagan’s eyes were as big as saucers when the waitress lit our cheese dip on fire and the boys devoured Mom’s chocolate mess-at one point they were both standing in their chairs working on getting the chocolate and ice cream onto their mouths
  • After leaving the restaurant, Anderson said “let’s count hotels” so that was their game until we arrived at the hotel.  Mom couldn’t believe that they can identify hotels-all of the hotels. 
  • When we parked at our hotel, Anderson told Reagan to stay buckled because Dad was getting a cart and we do need a cart for a one night stay!  We unpacked and headed down to the pool
  • By the end of the evening, Anderson was getting braver in his arm floaties, Reagan has no fear.  Graham was wearing a vest and arm floaties and he can swim pretty well.  He still gets a mouth full of water but for the most part he can do it himself.  Campbell didn’t get to swim (even though she put on her suit).  Anderson and Graham were enough to keep Mom and Dad’s hands full so maybe she can swim the next time
  • Baths and then playing for awhile before bedtime-the kids were up until after 10.  Reagan was already sad that we only get to stay on our vacation 1 night….me too!

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