Graham’s 2nd Birthday and Dennie Kids: July 29, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham was eager to start celebrating his birthday this morning at 5:30 he started the festivities.  Dad entertained him for the first half and then Mom entertained him until it was time to wake up
  • Celebrating at Krispy Kreme first thing this morning.  Graham was happy to wear his hat and excited to blow out his candles.  They noticed us and brought out balloons for all of the kids and a doughnut birthday cake for Graham. 
  • Everyone spending the morning with Nonna while Mom worked a little bit.  Reagan and Graham busied themselves with coloring.  Reagan wanted to write down everything a policeman would say.  Mom and Nonna also noticed that Graham is probably going to be left handed like his Mom
  • Graham blowing out his 2nd set of birthday candles at Nonna’s house.  She had made a huge cupcake cake-Mom couldn’t get the camera to work right so she made Graham blow out his candles again…but he had lost interest
  • Afternoon naps-Graham was again the first one up.  Reagan and him sat and watched a movie and then Graham asked Mom “Anderson spray me?”-which means can we go outside and play in the water?
  • Playing outside in the water hose and watching the neighbor get a new roof-what could be better!  Mom and Campbell even got a little bit wet!
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham riding with Dad to pick up a pizza while Mom and Campbell did a little bit of power shopping at Target (a big toy clearance and some other bargains…but too bad for Campbell, Mom forgot to buy her baby food)
  • Eating pizza and Graham having. his third set of candles on the cinnamon pizza.  Maybe it was the candles that sparkled or maybe he was tired of blowing but he just said “Anderson do it” when it was time to blow!
  • Having Movie Night to continue the celebration.  We are watching the Lion King and Reagan and Anderson are into it.  Campbell is enjoying sitting and playing with her toys and the birthday boy is trying to watch the movie but is to busy playing with Campbell, eating popcorn, checking on the roofers and just running around

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