Dennie Kids: July 4, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Anderson and Graham both had hair cuts early this morning while sitting in the empty bathtub.  Dad had one too and then everyone needed showers-the boys were dressed in their patriotic duds-each one had a red, white or blue shirt on (unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of that)
  • Cinna minis on the way to church-we had done fairly well on time until it was time for Mom and Dad to get ready and they had to hurry.  But we made it in enough time for us to sit in the car and finish breakfast before church
  • Mom and Dad hanging out in Anderson’s class during worship care.  All Mom can say after that is Anderson is a VERY good little boy (at least at church!)
  • Changing into our bathing suits while still at church-no one could understand this at all! Then meeting Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly and Cash at the park to have a picnic.  We even had more cupcakes-what a wonderful day!
  • Swimming at Lilly and Cash’s pool.  Anderson has so improved in 2 days and Campbell really enjoyed the water (yes, she was able to get in).  When it was time for her bottle, Campbell and Dad even had a little nap in the shade
  • Graham came home and took his nap but since time was short, Anderson and Reagan didn’t have to take a nap.  They watched movies while Campbell rolled around on the floor and while Mom and Dad slept on the couch!
  • Mom telling us to go and put on dry bathing suits and we couldn’t understand that either!  We went to Brayton and Jayden’s grandma’s house to play on their huge waterslide.  Reagan and Anderson LOVED it and did it 100 times.  Graham was too small to climb to the top so Joie took him up (against his wishes) and slid him down (also against his wishes)-Mom told her to do it!  He didn’t really like it and didn’t want to go again.  Graham eventually played in the bottom of the pool for a little bit
  • Enjoying the fireworks at Pleasant Valley.  When we walked up, the golf course was fairly empty.  Reagan saw some ducks and took off running and running to catch them.  Then they wanted to make a sandcastle in one of the sand traps.  We walked there and it was a very long ways away
  • Anderson seeing some big kids playing soccer and he just walked right over there and joined their game.  Mom eventually had to bribe him to come back with a juice box.  He was pretty good at soccer! 
  • Waiting and waiting on the fireworks.  Finally they started and Reagan loved them-she jumped and squealed.  Graham wasn’t to nuts about them at first but they grew on him.  Campbell watched them but she was a little squirmish during them.  Poor Anderson decided that he had to potty in the middle of them and couldn’t enjoy them
  • Since we were in a little bit of traffic after the fireworks and Anderson was still asking to go potty, we just let him go outside of the van.  You could just see the relief on his face when he was finished.  If you live in Pleasant Valley and saw us using the bathroom in front of your house-sorry!  We didn’t pee in your grass-just the street
  • It was after 10 when we made it home and the kids were starving so they had a snack-pizza, chips, graham crackers, peanut butter-they were famished.  By the time they went to bed it was nearly 11 and we haven’t heard a word from them since
  • The other night at Swap Meet Bunko, Mom took a pink purse for Reagan.  She has since carried it around with her everywhere she goes and now she even sleeps with it right by her head!

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