Monday Confessions

So I thought that I would add a little something new and decided on starting Monday Confessions.  I will see how long we can keep this up and think up something to confess!  I want to try to write something that most people don’t know about one or all of us each week.  So here goes:


My first confession is that I can be quite obsessive.  The picture shows a few tubes of toothpaste (our stockpile is down some) and shows 1/2 of our soap stock.  Yes, I have acquired over 50 full size bars of soap.  And that is not even counting the bag of hotel soap that we have collected-and we do take the hotel soap each and every time.  I used to laugh at my Mom’s pile of hotel soap and now I am doing the same thing.  Anyway, I have also obsessively collected 20+ bottles and shampoo and that many bottles of hand soap (cleanliness if next to godliness they say).  My collection of coupon-found toiletries was at once so great that a bathroom shelf was about to come crashing down!  And I won’t even mention the 5 foot wall of diapers that I have in the garage!  

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