Branson: July 15, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)


We woke up fairly slowly this morning and Robby worked on his work and packing a few last minute cords while the rest of us stayed in bed.  The kids were soon ready to put on their clothes when they realized that today was trip day.  Tara made everyone pb and j sandwiches and fed Campbell some applesauce before we left.  As we were about to leave, Dad remembered the wedding cake.  Since it was our 10 year anniversary, we all had to have a piece.  After saving some for our 50th anniversary, we put the kids in the car.  Since we hadn’t loaded the car, they had their sandwiches and watched a movie while we packed up.


We only had one bathroom stop, one snack stop and one lunch stop and were in Branson before 2.  On our way, I talked to Amber and she said that Campbell just has a virus and her spots will go away soon.  We sure hope so-cause she is pretty striking to look at with a zillion bumps on her.  As we crossed into Missouri, Campbell crossed this state off of her list and now only has to go 43 more. 


Even Graham was so excited when he saw the water park and everyone could not wait to get on their swimsuits.  Only 1 room was ready, so it took everyone awhile to change but they waited patiently and then off we went.  It is indoors so we don’t have to worry about sunscreen or the rain (which it did plenty this afternoon)


The first thing we did was the lazy river.  We put the kids in the inner tubes and Reagan was scared to death and left in tears.  Then we went downstairs for the small slides and sprinkler area.  They loved it-absolutely loved it.  Campbell kicked and kicked until she finally fell asleep in her floatie.  Anderson did gash open his chin-pretty good little cut.  He is so tough he didn’t even cry and Tara has it all bandaged up so maybe it won’t leave a scar. 


After we had exhausted the small slides, we went back upstairs to the lazy river.  We didn’t do the inner tubes and this time they loved it.  Reagan would float around it, Anderson would run around it and Graham went around a zillion times.  He would go so fast that you would have to run practically to keep up with him.  When it neared supper time, we took baths and met the family downstairs.


We had supper at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner and the kids enjoyed watching the people sing.  Reagan and Anderson sat with the big kids and Graham and Campbell sat with us.  Graham spent most of his meal flirting with the lady behind us.  After supper, everyone (and I do mean everyone) shared our dessert with us.  Even then, there were some leftovers. 


The rain had started back while we were eating and it was pretty messy getting to the hotel tonight.  The kids played in Grannymom’s room for a few minutes and then it was time for bed.  Now the debate will be who gets to sleep on the top bunk.

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