Dennie Kids: July 7, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • The morning started out with Dad hiding out in Anderson’s bed and Mom was hiding out in her bed-it didn’t last for long!
  • Campbell and Mom were the only ones who changed out of their pajamas-and they almost didn’t have time since Anderson kept saying that he was starving and wanted to go downstairs and eat!
  • Anderson finally getting to eat 2 waffles, Graham had 1, Reagan had strawberries and Campbell ate her cereal until she finished the bowl and then turned red faced and screamed at Mom
  • Painting our letter D-Mom gave everyone a choice between a dinosaur and duck-so Reagan picked a dog! 
  • Nonna coming over to play with everyone for a few minutes.  While she was there, Anderson took one of Reagan’s toys and she just went plain nuts.  This set off a long tantrum which resulted in her going to bed early tonight
  • Everyone eating most of Nonna’s lunch.  When Mom was cleaning later, she did find Graham’s apples that he had put under his booster-sneaky little fellow
  • Dad stopping by for a little bit and then a movie before naptime.  Graham fell asleep in Mom’s lap he was so sleepy
  • Afternoon naps-Reagan fell asleep today but it was only for 40 minutes.  Not long enough for Mom to finish her work and get to sleep too!
  • Reagan eating candy and keeping Campbell company while she slept on the couch.  Graham waking up next and drinking his milk followed by Anderson who also wanted his milk.  When he had his, Graham decided that he needed some and he brought Reagan some milk along with Campbell a bottle
  • Mom reading Anderson’s magazine to everyone and then Reagan and Anderson working on their Book About Me.  Mom was pulling out all of the stops and let them write on the front glass door!
  • Supper and then Dad coming home.  Mom was still feeding Campbell when Dad came in-she had already eating a jar of food and was working on her next.  When Mom finished that, she again turned red and screamed at Mom!
  • More playing in the den-everyone was quiet surprisingly.  Graham and Dad even took a trip to the bank and to get gas.  Anderson and Reagan watched some of Aladdin-it scared them to pieces.  Campbell laid on the couch while Mom was sitting beside her and all she would do was kick Mom and turn around on the couch
  • Bedtime and surprisingly Graham didn’t even cry tonight, Reagan has only called us up there once, we haven’t heard Anderson’s noisy truck that he went to bed with and Campbell is already in her bed and not laying on the couch between Mom and Dad

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