June 30, 2014

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Celebrating Ethan C. 7th Birthday!

  • The morning started early with a 6:45 alarm and then a 7:45 meeting at Kroger to pick up Nonna, Dana, Lilly, Cash and their friend Maria.  We headed to the blueberry patch and started picking blueberries.  
  • Today at the blueberry patch you could keep half of your berries for free if you let them keep the other half.  And we are all about free so I had my pickers pick away.  It was harder to find berries today on the first few rows that we were on because the bushes had been picked over well.  But eventually, we were able to fill up our gallon bucket which meant we were able to keep a half gallon.  I told my boys that they couldn't swim unless they filled up their buckets-they came pretty close but again Anderson was too busy supervising and Graham was too busy stepping in ant piles.  He got stung pretty good and I did a few times too getting them off of him but they must not have been fire ants since they didn't bother him too much.
  • We might have even had more blueberries if my Whitman hadn't figured out that he does indeed like blueberries.  He picked up Campbell's bucket off of the ground by his stroller and had himself a good old snack.  And then he just smiled at me like he knew that he had done something funny.
  • The kids were ready to leave today-the blueberry picking had lost its excitement or maybe they were just ready to go to the pool.  We dropped off Nonna and Dana and her crew and were at the pool in minutes.  I had to get on to the boys a few times about keeping their hands off of each other and sharing toys but they eventually pulled themselves together and started doing the right thing.
  • My Campbell had a few friends from church there today.  But she was too interested in swimming in the big pool with me-she is doing really good swimming but thinks that as soon as she turns 5 like Graham she can lose her floatees.  I don't remember what made us feel comfortable with Graham not having his floatees but I know I certainly don't feel that way yet about Campbell.
  • We stayed until 1 and then we came home.  The kids are getting good about helping unload the van and put things up.  We all changed clothes and then I read a few book about Lewis and Clark, Pony Express, Wright Brothers, Mississippi River-all things we should see on our trip.
  • Then the kids watched a movie while I started on the treadmill.  I didn't get very far because I noticed the potty was smelly and then saw it didn't have water in it-odd but it functioned well when flushed so we will just have to check on it later.  And then Robby called interrupting me again to tell me that he was going to need help unloaded the groceries when he arrived home.  So my treadmill time was just limited to about 15 minutes-that is better than nothing, I guess.
  • Soon it was time for Anderson and Graham to leave for Ethan's birthday party.  The girls, Whitman and I had supper and then we just had "a girl's night" as Reagan said.  We spent our girl's night packing-we picked out a set of clothes to wear the morning of the trip, 2 changes of clothes to pack, 1 change of clothes for the car and then another one for the backpack along with socks, undies, extra undies and pajamas for everyone.  That my dear blog readers is a lot of clothes.
  • Then they all had showers and we waited on the others to come home.  Whitman was sent to bed and soon the boys came home telling us all about their party which included slip and slides!  They had their showers and then all the Dennies were put to bed.   
  • It is not yet 10 and we have had to go upstairs now twice-once for Campbell and Graham (we didn't know who was fussing) and currently Robby is up there with her now.  We can't figure it out-we have the bathroom light on, the hallway light on, the closet light on-maybe she is crying because the room is now too bright!

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