August 1, 2014

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End of the week VBS program!

  • Another lovely morning for sleeping in.  Seriously, I am rethinking this starting school business.  I don't know how we will manage to get Campbell to school on time in the coming weeks.  I just think that our bodies are following the pacific time zone.  Hopefully, it is just the late nights due to VBS.
  • I had thought about going swimming this morning but decided that it would be a bit too cold so we started our morning off by doing a few chores and then a quick science worksheet before leaving the house.  
  • Our first stop was the library and things there didn't go as planned.  The kids were fine-the librarian even offered them popsicles.  The self check out was working so I sent the kids to the entryway to eat their popsicles while I checked out.  I was only a bit shocked when I saw that I had a 20 buck fine!  Urgh.  I usually get notices on my phone and email when I have a library book nearing the due date but I guess that hasn't been working lately.  When you have 40 books checked out then the .10 a day per book quickly adds up.  How incredibly frustrating to just waste money like that.
  • We then left the library and saw Nonna and Pops.  Pops was dropping Nonna off at the store and he dropped back by to see while we visited with Beebee.  She was in a good mood today and the kids were fine (even though the candy bucket was limited-actually, that probably didn't bother them because they are still eating Halloween candy...from a few years ago)
  • Beebee was telling her room mate about how Whitman hurt his cheek (falling on garage door).  She told her room mate that he fell on the stairs and Anderson spoke up to correct her.  And Graham shushed him and then said "just let it go."
  • When we were getting ready to leave Beebees, she told me over and over again that I needed to take the kids to get a hamburger on the way home.  I just smiled hoping the kids wouldn't hear because after paying my library fine, I sure wasn't spending any more money today.  
  • Once we made it home, I heated up leftovers-and there was one half of a hamburger that someone got.  Beebee would be proud, at least one kid had a hamburger.  Then we quickly picked up the house and did a bit of reading.  
  • Graham and I worked on an art project for his science fair thing and when we were finished, he looked at me and said "that was a good project."  I laughed thinking that it really doesn't take much-that was just gluing cotton balls on a piece of paper.  
  • The kids watched some movies and Campbell took a break to help me get Graham's party favors ready and when Robby came home, Graham and Robby worked on making the lines for the kickball field tomorrow.  
  • Supper was followed by the last night of VBS.  We made it just in time so we were a bit near the back.  That didn't matter though because the kids were all still able to see us while they were doing their program.  They sang a few songs and my Campbell and Graham were 2 of the most animated kids up there.  Poor Reagan was hidden behind Anderson-at one point she pushed him over so she could be seen.
  • The kids all got awards for perfect attendance and then the program was over.  The girls beat the boys in the offering so Anderson's group leader got a head full of whip cream from a cowboy hat.  My kids were so happy to see this-Keaton wasn't real sure what was going on though. 
  • We do love our big church but there are some things about a really small church that are intriguing to us.... tonight it was the food.  They had a huge meal there-spaghetti, hot dogs, sandwiches, chips, dip, cake, ice cream, cookies, fruit, drinks-I don't know why I even fed the kids.  Actually I have been feeding them all week even though I know they are eating some type of supper there each night as well.  Robby and I ate and ate while the kids finished and then played outside.  
  • Robby and the kids walked home and I drove the car back.  Then Robby worked in the yard until dark while the 3 big kids played.  I let Whitman, Keaton and Campbell come in and take a shower.  I let them play with shaving cream and that was a mistake-the girls loved it but Whitman got some in his eye and he was done-done with the shaving cream, done with the shower and done with me.  I finally calmed him down but he still didn't want back in the shower.  
  • So I pajamad him and then the kids all took turns with my camera taking pictures of us.  Finally, it was bedtime for everyone-and ice cream time for me!

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