Dennie Kids: June 19, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Everyone sleeping in after staying up last last night-Dad got to cash in on his Father’s Day gift: sleeping in!  Mom entertained everyone downstairs while he slept in
  • The girls staying inside to watch a movie while the boys came outside to help Mom and Dad with the flower beds.  We are finished with them! (only took way too long for us to get started on them since we’ve had the edging for about 4 months)  Graham wore his shoes, diaper and pajama shirt while he followed us around.  Anderson tried his hardest to scoop up the bark with Dad’s shovel and put it in the wheelbarrow-he finally gave up and used the hoe to spread the bark around.  They were rewarded for their hard work with popsicles-lots of popsicles
  • Dad finishing up in the yard while Mom gave the boys showers.  They were none to pleased about taking a shower but soon they were happy about it and didn’t want to get out.  Mom turned off the water so they sat down and still refused to get out-she just let them sit there until they were cold enough to climb out (took awhile but finally worked)
  • Going out to eat for lunch-Ghengis.  Reagan loves it-the chopsticks, gong, walking in the U and watching the people cook.  And she is fairly good with her chopsticks.  They had mac and cheese and finished it off and wanted more.  Mom promised them that we would try to make mac and cheese at home just like they do there.  While Anderson was holding his chopsticks, he started talking about a show where the people went to China and they had a dragon-smart boy!
  • Coming home for naps-Dad finished his Father’s Day present by taking a nap in Anderson’s bed this afternoon.  Anderson’s bed is the best place to sleep in the house-cozy, by the fan so you can’t hear anything and just like a cave.
  • Reagan waking up first and playing games on Mom’s computer until Anderson woke up to work a puzzle with her.  Graham finally woke up and was ready to play-he has a runny nose today but feels fine
  • Playing until supper.  Mom was about the make PBandJs but we ended up going to Burger King.  We all got crowns to wear and were thrilled with them.  While we watched our movie, Mom and Dad drove around and we ended up at Fellowship’s playground.  Since it was shaded we decided to stop and ended up getting all sweaty again.
  • Back home for baths-Campbell wailed during her bath tonight which is a little strange but after a bottle she was just fine.  She hung out on the couch with Dad while the others watched one movie before bedtime

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