Dennie Kids: June 16, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Day 3 of VBS and we still made it on time-though it is getting harder and harder.  The man at Burger King recognized Mom today!
  • Pops was busy when we walked in so he wasn’t able to see us long-which caused some problems with the boys going to class.  Graham just screamed “Pops!” as Mom dropped him off and Anderson was not going into his class until he saw Pops.  Mom finally convinced him to go in (the threat of the spanking spoon helped convince him)
  • Nonna meeting us at church today for lunch.  The kids were delighted to see her and show her all of the things that they had made today.  Mom needs her stroller just to haul all of their stuff out of the church house
  • Naps for everyone when we came home-Mom started her nap and quickly woke up to Campbell who was hungry.  Mom was so confused when she woke up that she thought “wow, how nice of Dad to get Campbell ready and put her in the car seat for VBS”
  • A snack for everyone and then Reagan going to Grannymom’s house for a little bit to play a few games while the boys hung out with Mom.  Mom thought they would enjoy helping her plant her tomato plant (they didn’t) but they did like helping her water the tomato plant-everything and everyone was watered!
  • Everyone painting their letter B-we are getting it ready and will add some sand and shells to it when Grannymom’s bring some back from her trip!  It will be our Beach B
  • Reagan said she would help Mom plant the strawberry plants when she came home (she didn’t) but she enjoyed watering her brothers!  Yes, Mom knows that it is late to plant strawberries and she even thinks the plants that she bought were dead (but she still planted them)
  • Reagan asking Mom to help her find “the little ladybug that was on top of her cupcake at Lilly’s birthday party”-that wouldn’t have been a problem except that Lilly’s birthday party was ONE YEAR AGO!  But thankfully, that ladybug appeared after only a few minutes of searching
  • Supper and then Jason, Nonna and Pops coming over for a little bit.  They played and played until it was time to clean up, popsicles and then bedtime
  • Anderson helping Mom clean up the toys.  He picked up EACH toy individually-his dinosaur would put a toy in his mouth and then slowly walk it to the toy box.  Mom finally just called it quits and decided that it wasn’t worth cleaning up with a dinosaur as a helper

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