Dennie Kids: June 28, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Breakfast, a few books and then Mom made everyone help her unload the dishwasher (we overheard her wondering if that was really helping though)
  • The boys going shopping with Grannymom-they both ended us with motorcycles and were tickled. 
  • Reagan making cookies all by herself (Mom helped some but she wanted to do it alone).  Campbell wore the chef hat and supervised the work.  Reagan did let Mom put the icing on the cookies but she was the sprinkle girl.  Every cookie had 4 different colors and lots and lots of sprinkles
  • Everyone enjoying seeing Josh and Zach at Grannymom’s house.  Anderson enjoyed taking their hats of their heads and seemed to think he was as big as they were.  Reagan shared her cookies with everyone and they were a big hit.
  • Reagan also let her butterflies go today near Grannymom’s butterfly house.  Three of them took off and flew up towards the sky while two more were a little skittish and slightly flew around in the grass
  • A quick stop at Beebee’s house to drop off some stuff.  Reagan was pretty mad at Mom when she said that we weren’t staying long enough for everyone to get out. 
  • Graham falling asleep on the way home and everyone else having a good nap-cookies and shopping is tough on little people
  • Painting our letter C and Reagan doing a little reading before supper.  Mom has her some sight word books and Mom just asked her to read one.  After that Mom said that she would read the other one to Reagan and Reagan said with a huff “no, I’ll read it”
  • Supper and then doughnuts and then going outside to watch Dad mow-back and forth he went!  Exciting stuff.  We did find Mom’s work toys and spread them out around the garage.  She did give us popsicles while we were waiting on our tractor turn.
  • Talking to Nonna and Pops while outside.  Mom overheard Reagan saying that she kept thinking she would see Nonna at church and kept thinking about the cakes Nonna would make for us (they have only been out of town for 3 days)
  • Showers for the big 3….3 in the shower leads to lots of squealing, some pushing and even a little bit of falling!  But they all refused to get out

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