Dennie Kids: June 20, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • This morning started out fairly eventful-Graham pottied on the potty!  Mom was tickled even though she had to clean the floor!
  • Everyone wishing Dad a “Happy Father’s Day” and Graham was very proud to show Dad his Father’s Day sign that we made for him (last year)
  • After full tummys of cinna minis (Graham shouts “cinna mini” as we pull up in the drive thru) we almost dropped Graham off without a fuss but he still fussed as Dad left
  • Reagan’s class having “donuts with Dad” during Sunday school.  Dad stopped by to have donuts.  Reagan seemed to enjoy it but when we came home she said that she was a “little nervous when Dad was there for donuts because it was different”
  • An errand before coming home for lunch and during lunch Mom looked up to see that two of our butterflies have emerged from the cocoon.  They are very still but we have seen one open up their wings (they are probably scared to death from all of the noise and movement around here).  Before naptime we had to slice an orange and make some sugar water for them to eat
  • During nap, Mom heard someone other than Graham crying.  She went upstairs and found that Anderson was crying in his bed.  Mom asked him what was wrong and he said “No one told me Happy Father’s Day and I am a boy too.”  Mom told him Happy Father’s Day and he said “thanks, I was all worried about that” 
  • After nap, Reagan was working on a Father’s Day card for Dad.  She asked Mom to draw something and Mom said “you can just draw something that Dad would like”  She thought for a few minutes and then said “I could draw an airport, Dad likes airports”
  • It rained pretty hard here this afternoon and Reagan just looked out the window and fretted over not getting to go to the “church carnival” tonight.  But it didn’t rain at church and we had a rootin’ tootin’ good time. 
  • We walked up and rode the first horse drawn carriage first-the kids loved it.  Next we headed down the hill and found Nonna.  The kids had hot dogs while Mom and Dad had BBQ.  We topped off our meals with ice cream sandwiches and popsicles.   Then we walked over to rid the train.  Mom put Graham in between Reagan and Anderson and hoped for the best.  They all came back in one piece and seemed to enjoy themselves.  Next we petted and fed the goats.  Graham was so brave and walked over with his goat food and when the goad neared him-he threw it down and headed for Dad
  • After this we went to pet the horse and brush his hair.  Reagan enjoyed this but the boys wanted to watch but did not want to touch that huge animal.  People were starting to leave but we just sat while the kids danced to the Cowboy Church musicians, played with sticks and collected rocks.  Pops and the kids walked to see about riding the carriage again but they were pulling off to load up.  Anderson came running down the hill sobbing about missing the carriage.  He eventually calmed down but Pops found one last ride for him-Pops’ 4-wheeler.  They each had a turn and everyone went home happily.
  • Pajamas and a popsicle before bed.  Everyone had a popsicle but Campbell-but she made it clear to us that she wanted one too.  She kicked her feet, smacked her lips and fussed until she was given some.  (She had done this earlier with Dad’s coke at the picnic).  Apparently she likes popsicles better than her baby food.

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