Dennie Kids: June 24, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Mom needing to get to work early today not because she had a lot of kids to see but because she had to cross back and forth town 4 times so we had to go to Nonna and Pops very early
  • Anderson noticing a sprinkler on the way and saying “that looks like fun” and then when we drove up to Pop’s house and he saw their sprinkler and said “Mom, you should have brought out bathing suits” Mom stuck her hand in the bag and pulled out those suits and he had the biggest smile spread across his face
  • Playing in the water with Nonna and Pops and then everyone getting showers.  The boys didn’t want to (again) but ended up loving the shower.  Campbell didn’t get to play in the water but she sure enjoyed watching all of the action. Reagan did tell Dad, “It was a baby pool.” He asked, “Was it fun?” She replied, “Sure!”
  • Reagan worked very diligently on get well cards for Beebee and she was very pleased to be able to deliver them.  She even felt Beebee’s cast and Reagan exclaimed that it “felt like concrete”
  • Graham cuddling up with Pops and taking his afternoon nap while Campbell was eating all of the applesauce that Nonna could find in the house
  • Coming home and Graham taking a little rest.  Reagan realized that her and Anderson weren’t going to have to rest but she knew Graham was.  So she made Anderson come upstairs and the whole time she was talking loudly about them going to bed so Graham would hear her.  She wanted him to think they were taking a nap so he wouldn’t fuss.  Mom couldn’t decide if that was sweet and loving or deceptive
  • Anderson getting his first “bad note” and it was from Nonna.  He had a little problem disobeying while she was here tonight.  And maybe that is why this happened: we had been outside to tell Pops bye and apparently no adult stayed until the boys came in.  So they had their backpacks (which are kept in the garage).  Mom looked out and saw Anderson walking, walking down the driveway and stepped two steps into the street before Mom started politely urging him to come in (or screaming madly at him)  We have since decided that the boy was planning on running away
  • Anderson asked Jason tonight if all bears are mad.  Wonder what he is planning on doing if he meets a bear?
  • Graham staying up a little later since he was the only one that didn’t have to go to bed early tonight and he came down the stairs and was so proud that he was the only kids left up!

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