Dennie Kids: June 29, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Back to school after 2 weeks off-and Graham didn’t fair too well this morning.  Dad said he screamed and screamed…starting to wonder if he should start getting a spanking for this outburst
  • Campbell spending the day at Grannymom’s house-she ate all of her baby food and then became very upset when her food ran out.  Grannymom thought she was going to have to send Grandpa out for more baby food. 
  • Anderson, Reagan and Graham getting to play together in the gym-Graham’s note said that he missed his brother and sister today.  Hopefully, he was still good most of the day
  • Campbell thinking it was hysterical when Mom sat her in the booster seat at Grannymom’s table. She could see her sister and brothers and must have thought she was so big
  • Mom trying to get us to watch a movie so she could get things ready for bunko but we went outside and soon she looked out of the window and saw Anderson holding the water hose (that he turned on) and was taking off his clothes.  Mom opened the door just in time to see him strip down to his underwear and take off towards the hose
  • Mom laying Campbell on the floor and Campbell was not pleased with Mom at all about this…she screamed at Mom  (which is highly unusual for her)
  • Anderson finally putting on his clothes so Dad could take everyone out to a slide place.  Dad ended up taking everyone to the “tree McDonalds” which was very exciting.  The poor children must have been starving because they ate lots of supper and then begged Dad for ice cream!
  • Coming home and seeing lots of people at our house-but that was okay, we changed into our pajamas, watched a movie, waved goodnight to Mom and even fell asleep with all of the noise!

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