Dennie Kids: June 11, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Graham continues to wake up early in a wet bed.  He comes to bed with Mom and Dad, drinks his milk, crawls all over them, goes to his room (in the dark) and brings back a box of trucks and dumps it out, hands Mom and Dad trucks, climbs back in and out of bed and this continues until Anderson or Reagan wakes up…because Mom and Dad sure aren’t getting out of bed until they have to!
  • A quick breakfast and then heading to church-helping Mom decorate her VBS room.  There were 8 kids, a 10 foot ladder, a set of blocks, 6 rolls of paper, scissors and glue-needless to say there wasn’t much work that was done!  Pops snagged us some lunch-Graham sat in his seat like a big boy, Anderson ate 6 fish sticks and Reagan had everyone else’s peaches (and I mean everyone).  Campbell hung out in her stroller and on the floor-she drank her milk and then had a short nap
  • Coming home and watching a man remove 3 stumps from the yard-what fun!  The tv was on so Anderson on watched the man a little but Graham watched him until he was almost finished
  • Afternoon naps and Dad surprising everyone by being home when they woke up (it was after 5!). 
  • Dad took us all out to the ballgame, bought us some tickets and icees and we had a grand old time!  It was hot when we arrived but soon the sun was done and it was pleasant outside.  The big 3 spent their time at the fence watching the game and pretending to play ball with Dad while Campbell stretched out on the blanket and took a nap
  • Coming home and going straight to bed-everyone was pretty sleepy.  Reagan and Anderson are already quiet-they must have been tired!

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